GDC 2007: XNA Games Come to Life

Microsoft revealed four XNA-powered games today to showcase its dedication to, and the promise in, its development/production tool, XNA Game Studio Express.

Four companies from four different countries unveiled their games at the Game Developer Conference this week as part of Microsoft's the "Dream-Build-Play" global game design contest. The teams consist of Benjamin Nitschke and Christoph Rienaecker of Germany's exDream with their action RPG, DungeonQuest and UK hobbyist Josh Butterworth (with remote assistance of Maher "m0dus" Al-Samkari and the NeoGAF community) with Damage Control, a four-person multiplayer siege game in which players must defend their base from wave after wave of invading aliens. US developers Jonathon Stevens and Patrick Glanville also created their 2D run-and-jump game, Simian Escape, in the short time span, as did Brazilian graduate student-game developer Andre Furtado with AbduX, an action game that turns the tables on the classic humanity vs. aliens formula.

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