Elder Scrolls Puts Pressure On Retailers

Bethesda's upcoming Elder Scrolls expansion pack on the 360, available only by download, will be double the cost of existing Xbox Live titles.

The Shivering Isles will set you back 2,400 Microsoft points, or about £19.35 for those of us still using real money. Previously the most you could pay was 1,200 points for the likes of Bankshot Billiards and Lumines Live.

SPOnG's not complaining, however. Bethesda's promising 30 hours of gameplay in the expansion. Further to that the PC version (which will sell through high street retailers) is going on sale for £19.99. Bethesda isn't ripping you off, here. This could mark the beginning of a worrying trend for retailers, however.

This is the first time a game of this size has been offered through Xbox Live. SPOnG asked a contact in retail how they felt about it. "That is quite worrying, if it's the start of a trend," SPOnG was told. "As this is the first of it's kind I'm not too worried in this case. And I do think that people like to physically have something, like with CDs. But if more developers do this it could be a problem."

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Yo Wassap4294d ago

Ahh the price (metaphorically speaking) that developers will have to pay for live downloads. I like the idea but i can see how it's worrying a few retailers.

TOM4294d ago

This isn't good for people like me.I dont mind spending 8 bucks for a game that I don't have a disk for,but for a game this important I want it on disk or not at all.Big mistake ,I think. I;m sure it will sell well,but count me out if its download only.

blackmagic4294d ago

hmm... I could have sworn that Bethesda talked about releasing a 'game of the year' type version of this game...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

Read an article about it yesterday, its suppose too include the core game and all the downloadable content plus the Shivering Isles expansion. When and at what price, don't no!?

xDaveManx4293d ago

There can only be a limited market for downloadable games of this size. The Shivering Isles expansion will take up a sizeable amount of space on the hard drive, and is unlikely to ever be deleted, because no one will want to lose it. There can only be so many games of this type stored on the paltry 11 Gigs or so of available space on the XBOX 360 hard drive. Besides, don't game stores make a pretty slim margin on games and systems, anyway? The real money is in used games.

Havince4292d ago

can you imagine how long this is gonna take to download.....also the memory space it will use. i agree with TOM, I fthis was an expansion cd from a shop id happily pay £20 for it, but with it being a download and considering what i said earlier in my post i think im most likely going to give it a great as the expansion looks.

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