GDC: Gameplay Holdings' Le Merle Talks Angel Investment

A packed room on a Thursday evening is difficult for any session to pull off, as Game Developers Conference attendees tend to have their sights set on entertainment to end the penultimate day of the GDC week. Matthew Le Merle, CEO of Gameplay Holdings, had little trouble drawing a large crowd as many individuals representing independent developers sought out advice for tackling the difficult world of early stage funding.

Le Merle began by noting how often developers make the mistake of pitching products rather than businesses. "We're equity investors," he said, "and we want to hear about your company."

Developers should be prepared to describe a concept or idea that will exist for much longer than any one specific game idea. A solid business plan is essential, and a single game idea doesn't answer the investor's most lingering question: how am I going to get my return? A clean presentation of everything from product to revenue stream to exit strategy is key.

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