Burnout Paradise cars in Godfather II!

Godfather 2 uses the same two car models than Burnout Paradise: Hunter Cavalry and Carson Opus. The only difference is that... Godfather 2's cars are way less detailed than BP's. And Burnout is one year older. The comparison is on a polish gaming website.

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buffalo10663488d ago

damn! i really hope the godfather pics are from the ps2. burnout visuals are making the godfather ones look like a joke. still though thts a cool find looks like burnout cars were based on actual real life cars who would have guessed?

sweter3488d ago

it's just that it looks worse than burnout paradise: the ultimate box on PC. sad but true...

B-side3488d ago

Yeah, they're really damn simmilar. I wonder now why Godfather II so "archaic", isn't it year 2009?

sunnygrg3488d ago

Plagiarism or Inspiration?

sweter3488d ago

...both games are developed by the same company. Resource sharing, I guess. :) They could've changed it somehow, anyways.

Hercules3488d ago

they are both pusblished by EA, so its kind of far to see that..

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The story is too old to be commented.