Will PSP Come Home?

The shockwaves felt from the announcement of Sony Computer Entertainment's impending online community Home are still rippling through the industry. So far, of course, that impact has put all the focus on PlayStation 3, but in the future, SCE may be able to use re-direct some of the Home movement towards its other "Game 3.0' system, the PlayStation Portable.

In a Home technical FAQ on Sony Computer Entertainment's DevNet service, the company addressed the question of whether Home will be accessible outside of your PlayStation 3. The company confirmed that aspects of Home are being considered for use on PlayStation Portable and possibly cellphones. Sony did not answer directly what its intentions might be with a mobile version of Home or give a timeline of when to expect further answers on these possibilities. The full quote about how Home relates to PSP is as follows:

Q: Is Home a PS3 specific service? Will users be able to access Home through other devices? Initially Home will only be accessible via that PLAYSTATION®3, although over time our intention is to enable users to interface certain Home features and services via other networked devices such as PlayStation®Portable (PSP®) and mobile phones.

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stevenewman244299d ago

about time a new feature came onto the psp!

lil bush4298d ago

that would be cool going somewhere and have your psp still conected to home, now thats innovative.

FordGTGuy4298d ago

unless you walk around with an Ethernet cord.

IPlayGames4298d ago

That would be cool cause i have limited game time and i was wondering how i was gonna regulate my game time and home time.

DJ4298d ago

I love all these free features that Sony keeps pumping out.

MaximusPrime4298d ago

yea, i agreed. Sony is still the best.

(damn, im now down to 2 bubbles. Probably i've disappointed these american xbox fanboys)

FordGTGuy4298d ago

"still not photo-realistic.
verdict: s***"

If you didn't say stupid things like this you would still have a good amount of bubbles.

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