God of War Movie Script is Finished

Discussions about adapting the God of War series to the silver screen were circling before God of War 2 was even announced, but we've heard jack diddly about the movie since. Entertainment Weekly recently chatted with ol' David Jaffe, however, and confirmed a script has been completed by scribe David Self (Road to Perdition, Thirteen Days).
"I keep expecting them to call me and say it's dead, but my fingers are crossed," said Jaffe.

The next step is to start feeling out potential directors, but as we saw with Halo, even when you have the people behind the lens ready to roll, that doesn't mean it'll happen.

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lil bush3880d ago

so this is going to be a movie or what?

WTF3880d ago

I hope they got right and please dont screw it up.

Violater3880d ago

who do you guys think would make a good Kratos.
Please no wrestlers. If only Vin diesel could act.

AllroundGamer3880d ago

maybe shaved Gerard Butler (from the movie 300), he is pretty tough :)

TheGoodMART3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

They would be perfect for this role! Especially mini me he has a scar just like Kratos

wildcat3880d ago

It's too bad the voice actor looks nothing like Kratos

BlackIceJoe3880d ago

I see this as a Sony movie and it could really be big.

I hope the movie follows are parts of Kratos life over the game.
If it is a movie of GOWI there is a good chance the movie will not be as good but if they take stuff from GOW and add it to the movie the movie could be really great.

At least I hope the movie will turn out good.

DaTrooF3880d ago

not one of those movies that barely has anything to do with the series.

hopefully this movie want give god of war a bad name.

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The story is too old to be commented.