GDC 2007: LocoRoco 2 to be PS3 Downloadable?

"I'd like to use a new way of playing the game for the next version of LocoRoco." SIXAXIS would certainly fit the bill here. "I'm not going to betray your expectations. You can count on this," said Kouno.

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TheGoodMART4269d ago

This game is perfect for the sixaxis, also it could be cheaper because Sony sells it direct to you.

Apocalypse Shadow4269d ago

motion control would be cool.i'd buy it.

lil bush4269d ago

this game would work really well with ps3 six axis and i think this would be a perfect D-Load

Sevir044268d ago

I would definately boot this up and play this on my ps3 if it comes to it... after all the ps3 needs more games to justify the Motion sensing abilties of the "sixaxis".

like i've been saying Sony is picking back up all the apples it dropped and placing them back into it's basket. they are showing some muscle with the games, the features and it's services, while also listening to it's consumers and fans, which is why this litigation with Immersion is over and we can bet you 2 quarters that that the new tech force feedback will be placed in the sixaxis. i'm hoping right around the time of July E3..... alon with other games, kilzone, heavenly sword, lair, Ratchet and Clank future: TOD, Uncharted: DF, Tekken 6, DMC4, FFXIII, and Versus XIII, MGS4 (in playable form), and slew of news on the home service. Loads more info on littlebigplanet.... E3 will be the time where Sony hit's it home and show really how far they have come since there poor showing at E306