GameSpot: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Based on what we saw and played, Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition is looking like a shinier conversion of the PC game with a good number of extras. Given that the number of real-time strategy games on the PS3 can be tallied on one hand, the game is a welcome addition to the system's library. Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition is slated to ship at the end of March for the PlayStation 3".

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nightfallinicedearth3546d ago

I'm really looking forward to it. Missed it on the pc(cause I don't have one) and I missed it on the 360( Left both controllers at a friends house and he went of to afgan for the war) So I'm looking forward to the ps3 and even the mac version so I can finally play it.

LinuxGuru3546d ago

Keyboard and mouse support?

TheHater3546d ago

nope. And I don't see how this is an ultimate version. It doesn't support mouse and keyboard on the PS3 and only offer very few contents that are not on the original xbox and pc disks. They only added a few maps from the DLC that was release for the PC and a lot of video that no one cares about. This is what I call lazy and just ripping their consumers off.