Major League Baseball 2K7 (XB360, PS3) Review

(Quote From Review) "When 2K Sports released their MLB franchise last year for the Xbox 360 it suffered from the common issues that come with jumping to a new generation platform. While the most obvious problem came from the disappointing visuals there were also a host of bugs and glitches that really brought down the overall experience; what a difference a year makes. With the release of Major League Baseball 2K7 2K Sports has crafted a much better product that stands head and shoulders above the best-looking games currently on the system."

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lil bush4302d ago

yeah, this is a great game cuase, i rented it yesterday for my ps3 and its awesome, to the visuals which are amazing and the authentic gameplay its really a great game and a buy for any baseball fan.

Rasputin20114302d ago

I was debating if I would make this a purchase...I think im going to pick this bad boy up after work.

likeaboss3024302d ago

I don't know that the deal is but the game doesn't look that great. Some of the player models look cool but I'm playing on a 1080P display and what I see doesn't look close to those screen shots. Maybe the demo is totally different or something. Which I highly doubt.

Grown Folks Talk4302d ago

i tried the demo on the 360 marketplace. for the most part, it looked pretty good. i got tired of loading the bases with no outs only to constantly give up double plays, and leave the inning with no runs. visually though, it was nice.

Mikemach4302d ago

I'm playing it on my 360 and 1080p Mitsubishi and it amazes me every time I fire it up at how realistic it is. Maybe your setup is lacking or you need to do some tweaking on your set. This game is one of the best looking and playing releases in along time in the baseball series. I'll rent it on my PS3 and give it a try to compare. I was run off with all the reviews of the frame rate problems with the PS3 version so I went 360 on it.

FirstknighT4302d ago

I tried the demo and I liked it alot. I'm definatly picking it up. If you own a 360 and a ps3, make sure to pick up the 360 version. The graphics are alot better on the 360 than the ps3.