UAE PS3's £70 cheaper than UK!

Sony has announced that the PS3 will be launched in the UAE on March 22nd, a day in advance of the official EU release date. Sony claim there will be a huge demand from middle east consumers and promise to make it 'worthwhile'. The price as it stands, will be over £70 cheaper (at current exhange rates) than the UK!

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XxZxX4296d ago

blame the government for the tax and blame the standard of living.
Dont blame the manufacturer.

techie4296d ago

The standard of living!? Did you know that the UK is the worst place in europe to bring up your kids? Did you know that the UK has one of the worst standards of living for any developed country...people in the UK aren't all MC posh bastards...even though the US seem to get that impression.

BrotherSic4296d ago

Do you realise how wrong you are Deepbrown? have you got any statistics or facts to back up what you just said?

here are some UK facts for you:

- 7th highest Employment rate in the world
- 2nd highest GDP in Europe
- out of the top 15 universities there are only 5 from europe, 4 of them are from the UK (2 out of the top 5 in fact)
- 5th lowest unemployment rate

- minimum wage per year in the UK is $19,098 compared to the US $10,712, in fact only 5 other countries have a higher minimum wage than the UK.

I agree that not everyone is 'posh' but we have a great welfare system which helps poorer people every day

Please think before posting such rubbish

techie4296d ago

UNICEF was the one that said the UK was the worst country in developed Europe for children

Saying minimum wage is higher in the UK really has no grounds on standard of living because everything costs so much here, of course we have a higher minimum wage in money, but it's very low considering costs.

No first time buyers can buy a house in the UK because houses are so expensive.

I live in Nottingham with the highest gun crime in the UK and a lot of below the poverty line...that just isn't reported. And the point is...we can't afford the ps3 and saying that we have a better standard of living compared to the rest of the developed world is just, as Michael Jackson would say, ignorance.

BrotherSic4295d ago

Well Deepbrown,

I go to University in Nottingham and have 2 lived in two of the worst ares of the city (Radford and St Anns)

Yes i agree Nottingham has high gun compared to the rest of the UK but thats because you have low gun crime compared to most other countries.

UK poverty is spoken about alot as its so high and Nottingham is a key example of over populating and an influx of immigrates and migrates.

First time buyers are struggling to buy houses but the in rest of world people rent rather than buy. We have the highest rate of mortgages in the world. That is our culture and it doesn't help that people have no concept of the value of money as we growing into an ever increasing aspirational society.

At the end of the day, prices are charged at a level that the seller believes is affordable to that country. The 360 is £289, Sony are trying to sell a 'premium console' so it has to be higher. A premium product on average can sell between 18% and 30% more than the standard version.

You say minimum wage is no indicator of standard of living but we make 2 times more than the average american. How fair would it be if we used the same currency and products cost the same? Prices are all relevant in every country.

If you people are unhappy with the UK then leave, people will see a totally different world in the new developing CEE countries.

techie4295d ago

Yes Well I'm saying that the average person in the UK cannot afford £425. When you have to use your brain to buy a games console then you're in a bit of danger. Getting the money involves planning and sacrifices and I don't knoe that everyone is willing to do that. The standard of living in Singapore is very good and I was expecting the console to be priced very high, but it's considerably lower than here.

I do expect the UK price to fall before any other country, simply due to the fact that they are making a profit and I don't know how well sales will go.

Ps. I live in Radford :)

BrotherSic4295d ago

I agree that £425 for a 'games console' is alot but Sony is not selling a 'games console' it is supposedly selling so much more

I dont own either console what I am wanting to buy in May when i return to england. For a student either console is alot of money that people need to think about before purchasing.

I feel now, especially with the PS3, you are buying cutting edge technology. If you buy any new technology at the start of its life it going to be expensive.

I can see why someone who lives in Nottingham could be disillusioned with the England but I have always liked the city. The sport, trams :), 2 very good uni's, nice city centre, I had a good couple of years there and hopefully it will continue in september in my final year.

Hartley Road for me in Radford, near Aldi :)

I am going to Saudi Arabia at the end of the month so I might be tempted ;) I also might be buying a few acessiories to sell as I got 2 official xbox pads from Saudi 2 years ago and they only cost £4 each :)

techie4295d ago

LOL I'm not disillusioned. I like it here to, I go to Uni here, University of Nottingham. Living in Radford/Lenton. I'm actually a Southerner living near Bournemouth though, so I'm not speaking for myself in this...though I am a poor student. I'm going to buy the ps3, but only cause my bro bought the ps2 5years ago and would always hog it saying "I bought it..." so I shall have the control this time and can take it where I wish...

Nottingham is a bit of let down since living in Melbourne in Oz for a while...amazing city.

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lil bush4296d ago

ya thats just to much tax peroid..............

Neutral Gamer4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

It's all to do with our social attitudes, put simply, we just don't COMPLAIN as much as other countries!

It's just not "British", which is nice and all, but sometimes being too reserved and polite means we get trampled on by large retailers.

Hence why we call ourselves Rip Off Britain so much.

People of Britain - let's complain more and then maybe we'll get items such as the PS3, Windows Vista and the Apple iMac (the 24" is £350 cheaper in the US!) at the comparable American prices!

I think I might have to just start importing ...

techie4296d ago

Dont you think that not complaining thing is once again a UK stereotype of the Middle Class southerner? The rest of the country is quite liberated with their language and behaviour...

Neutral Gamer4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

I can see what you're saying, but whenever new, overpriced products come out which further increment the 'Rip Off Britain' slogan, most of the people buying them will be 'Middle Class' parents for their children.

I sure as hell don't want to (and don't mean to) start a Class War, but the 'average' UK family aren't going to be buying Little Johnny a £425 PS3 or even a £279 Xbox 360 as easily as a £95 PS2.

Early adopters to new technology are more likely to have more disposable money and hence more likely to come from a middle class background, therefore less likely to complain. Or they could just be richer and hence not care too much about how expensive a good is.

Of course when the proles (looks like my middle class roots are coming through!) get their grubby hands on the technology it's normally 2-3 years later and this, normally yobbish part of society who are more likely to shout and complain will be less likely to because the price is considerably lower by than.

Hence the middle classes and the rich are the ones primarily keeping the whole 'Rip Off Britain' idea alive and what I'm basically saying is:

Bring back the eighties!

P.S. I was kidding and being slightly sarcastic about the last several paragraphs, although Maggie was kind of attractive when she was younger, don't you think ...

techie4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

Uh if you say so...I'm afraid I was born in the 80's...and if you're tlaking about when she was younger, I was never graced to see any footage of a young Iron Lady.

Anyway...Yobbos lol. I've seen quite a few "Yobbo's" having a look at the PS3 in HMV and I know they want it...will they shell out? And I like that HDTV's are reducing in price considerably, and I think I might shell out this christmas...

If you do some reseach you can get a top of the range 42'' Plasma HDTV, or LCD HDTV for £899...was on Gadget TV. I think I might settle for a Samsung or Sony 32'' one for around £599..expect that to be around £449 at that'd be nice...I like the style of the Samsung and Sony tv's...they look expensive.

BrotherSic4295d ago

i think Americans forget that HDTV is new in the UK!

would love Sky HD, new TV and and console but that would be alot of money!

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Subclavian4295d ago

AT Least some one starting to care for us in the middle east !!!
We always buy our consoles and games from the US, so We are helping to inflate them :).

Waiting for the Xbox, although i already bought one !