GDC 07: Less than half of PS3 owners are "connected" reports:

"Sony discussed the number of people that were actively interacting with the PlayStation Network services in yesterday's bloggers meeting. According to Sony, there are about 500,000 PSN accounts open in the North America. However, according to recent sales data from, one can see that there are about 1.3 million PS3 systems out there: shouldn't more PS3s be connected to Sony's Xbox Live alternative?

Phil Harrison was quick to point out that the 500,000 figure represents PSN sign-ups only. You can still use the PS3's online capabilities without ever registering for Sony's online service by uploading music to your console, or by using the Internet Browser, or by downloading a firmware upgrade. The goal of Home, however, is to increase PSN sign-ups, and have people become increasingly involved with Sony's robust online services."

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Icryo4270d ago

Sony good luck on your online plans- you're gonna need it.

Sphinx4270d ago is more than half for the Xbox Live, but I could be wrong... and Live charges, too. Interesting.

lalaland4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

People are gonna compare it to XBL sooner or later, so I might as well be first...

Less than half of X360 owners are using XBL as well... MS recently stated aprox. 6 mill. XBL users (including Silver) - and that is for both X360 and XBox (which they stated a couple of years ago was almost 2 mill. users)...

"6 mill. live users":

"2005: Xbox Live Users Exceed 1.4 Million":


-> Power of Green

How exactly are those numbers a lie? Official MS info are lies now?

-> Boink

That over 50% number, were connecting -> XBL USERS <- at every startup. Not a percentage of X360 OWNERS.

Boink4270d ago

approx 10% of original xbox owners connected, while over 50% of 360 gamers connected.

MaximusPrime4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

all the bests ;)

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