You, Too, Can Be a Fanboy

If you read video game message boards -- for instance, because you are trying to make yourself insane -- you'll notice the word fanboy being thrown around a lot.

What's a fanboy? How can you be a fanboy? Do they get discounts at Denny's? Well, shoot yourself up with learning juice and strap yourself down, because Lore Sjöberg, at is about to explain.

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Syko4269d ago

"In spite of your effort, people continue to buy other video game systems. Worse yet, they continue to praise other video game systems, right out in public where God and everyone can see. How can this be? Obviously, they've been brainwashed by multinational corporations and slick television commercials in spite of your best efforts. There may come a time when you realize you're dealing with someone who just can't face up to the reality that everything in their life is a sad charade and that the only source of truth is you. In this case, you'll just have to dismiss them with an appropriate pejorative."

Example: "You're nothing but a fanboy."

grifter0244269d ago

Wow I dont see how this is necessary... Waste of time and post.... I dont really need to know what makes a fanboy or not seeing as how you can probably understand what a fanboy is by just reading some comments on here. This seems like a bid to get that most stories contributed... But whatever

Bathyj4268d ago

Anyone who only likes one console is a fanboy. Why would a gamer hate a console?

If you were hardcore like me you'd know that. ;)

Yeah, pointless story. I know its tongue in cheek and s'posed to be funny but its scary how many people are really like that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4267d ago

I like being a 360 “fanboy” it’s paid off quite well with lots of high quality games. I also love my country more than any other and I prefer sports teams from my city. It’s not possible to be anything other than a “fanboy” because human nature doesn’t allow us to like/love everything equally. What I can’t stand are the people who say I love them all the same “LIAR” that’s like saying you never masterbated.

Skizelli4267d ago

It's human nature to have preferences and opinions, but it IS possible to have an open mind and enjoy things equally, as there ARE gamers that play games for the love of games and not what platform they're on. I'm one of them. Up until this generation of consoles (due to how expensive it has become), I've tried to own every console that has been put on the market for the love of games. I still play old PC DOS games, even. It's a passion for me. As for favorite sports teams and loving your own country, not everyone is a fan of their own team, and loving your own country more than any other is usually a given because chances are you haven't lived anywhere else.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4267d ago

I suppose all the wars through out human history were because they loved everyone equally? Or does everyone like the same color, movie or song equally? Your way of thinking is a lie plain and simple because in this world people hate, love and like what they want. If we were equal we wouldn’t have things like bigotry, gold medals at the Olympics, segregation, international sports teams or war. I like black T shirts they look good on me but I guess you go into a store to buy all colors of clothing because you like them equally (even the ones that look like S**T on you right?)