GDC07: Molyneux is Scared

Kotaku chat with Molyneux at GDC

"It's a little after 9 a.m. and Molyneux is standing by a desk. A nearby television is showing the back of some hero, a sword and a long rifle crossed on his back. The sound of wind and birds fills the room from the game, Fable 2.

As we wait, I ask Molyneux the obvious question: Are you gunshy, I say, talking about discussing your upcoming games' big ideas? You know, since Fable and the whole tree thing.

"I am the most nervous I've ever been in my career," Molyneux says. "I'm going to talk about this feature and it's a scary one for me. There's a big chance that I'll show it and they won't get it. They'll turn around and say, 'OK, what about the big weapons.'"

After everybody arrives Molyneux launches into his pitch..."

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OldSchoolGamer4273d ago

I think even Mr. Molyneux is a little worried about some features being loved is understandable. After his last outting he left me rather disappointed. Many features were promised, and although some made it into the game his mouth wrote many checks the game did not cash. Now, if you do some research this guy has been creating more fundamentally amazing games for many years. You would be surprised by some of the games attributed to him. These include: Populous 1&2, Black & White 1&2, Theme Park, The Movies, Entrepreneur, Fusion, Powermonger, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Hi-Octane, Dungeon Keeper, and Fable. That is a rather impressive list with many hits, and like any artist he is very critical of his works. He probably felt like he let his fans down (and in my opinion he did, as I expect more from the man). I think the dog system will be amazing and I'm not a huge fan of the sword/gun mix a la Final Fantasy Series, This game does look interesting and applaud what is annouced. I just recommend the game keep some of these promises including being much larger and longer, as another 15 romp will be unacceptable...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4273d ago

100X greater then that of Fables, outstanding!

I believe all of Mr. Molyneux's visions will come to pass this time, even though the game may not be released until Christmas '08. Can't wait! :~)