First screen of the Club

Check out the first ever screenshot of the Club. It's a bit blurry and bland but it should give you a good idea on what the engine is capable of. Screenshot after the jump.

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nicodemus3603d ago

but the screenshot looks pretty good! And it's the same people who did PGR3 so this could have some potential.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3603d ago

BIZARRE'ly CREATIVE too me. 8~}

D R Fz3603d ago

Thats a great screenshot

Xi3603d ago

about the way this game looks, after I heard what they're doing with the sound I'm already sold. The fact that you should be able to hear the bullets rip through cloth before hitting the the surface behind it is amazing.

Smellslikepie3603d ago

'I could care less' means that you already care a great deal about whatever you're talking about. It's basically saying that there's room for you to care less. I think you meant 'I COULDN'T care less'.

power of Green 3603d ago

That still looks stellar and makes me happy it's next-gen looking.

Rasputin20113603d ago

The screen looks amazing but I have no idea what this game is about at all.

Boink3603d ago

it was that thing you put on your steering wheel to deter thiefs? :)

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The story is too old to be commented.