GDC: "It's all about software now," says Harrison

"The keynote was a significant moment for the evolution of PS3"

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has told that the company is set to focus on software now that the "challenges" of recent months are in the past.

"I can't deny that we've had some challenges, but I think those are all behind us," he said.

"It's all about software now, it's not about hardware. It's all about services, it's about the way the industry is changing and the way we hope to be taking a leadership position in that change."

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achira4027d ago

its about games, and i am sure the big games will come! i want to play motorstorm, but i have to wait another 14 days, rrrrrr...

Bad_Karma4027d ago

I know what ya mean, i feel your pain dude

Kastrol4027d ago

I Feel it to the pain runs deep 5 months deep

kingboy4027d ago

Harrison is the man! Notice he hasn`t even bash microsoft unlike Peter moore lol

Torch4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

and from what I gathered, he proves to be a great representative for the company. Well-spoken, cool & collected, and most importantly: his ability to handle a gamepad quite decently hints to me that he's not limited strictly to the beaurocracy and politics of the company, and gets a little more involved in the actual experience itself.

Quite a likeable little chrome-dome!

ChickeyCantor4027d ago

its always about software! that is the main thing that makes the consoles big!
and its with evry console but this phil saying a stupid thing like this is just dumb.
no sh^t phil, its about software ?! omg you dont say :|

Keyser4027d ago

Yeah, but you have to have the hardware to push a lot of the software ideas and Phil has been spending a lot of time pushing that. Plus, he's spent a lot of time getting the harware out there during these 3 launches. The softwares no good if you have nothing to play it on...

lil bush4027d ago

well when it comes to software sony is very good at that if not the best, so now that thats in order sony will take of big time.