GDC: Phil Harrison Video Interview

SCEA President talks about Home, its interaction with upcoming games, response to Wii/360 rants, & PS3 rumble.

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DC RID3R4269d ago


I like how phil handled himself, and defended his corner. also, did anyone catch phil's reaction to the reggie question? ROFLMAO
On the whole, a very good showing from sony @ GDC.

Home offers some serious competition for Live and the Mii channel.

I smell War.

THAMMER14269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

I just hope it works out because I want it to be worth it for me when the price drop comes around and they still need games that make feel like I would be missing out. GAMES BABY More better games.

Phill dose his job right. I really want him to push hard to get the achievements to be standard. I would be buying a PS3 for exclusive games only and I like the idea of being able to show that stuff off.

techie4269d ago

I think developers will want to make the trophies...they'd like yuh I want people to have these in their homes! And for the demo there were loads of throphis...who made them? Sony.

Violater4269d ago

Now give me back my bloody RUMBLE!

Kastrol4269d ago

This shows game forums actually work and its not just a battleground for Flame Wars

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