Killzone 2 and Its Effect on Future Shooters

Killzone 2 is here, and it's excellent. It has the potential to be one of the best things to happen to shooters on the Xbox 360, and shooters in general.

If other games follow in its footsteps, there could be many top-notch FPS titles on the horizon.

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forthegamergood3575d ago

Killzone 2 is the first step in a new level of graphics, though from what I've read, a lot of the gameplay is debated as either fantastic or very generic and poor.

Great article, really well researched, you should read into the Halo 3: ODST stuff more, as it gives you a breakdown of new weapons etc, but the hypothetical questions you ask about it are valid, and well thought-out :)

MrJack3575d ago

The graphics are top notch, and it has better gameplay then CoD.

Only noobs complain about the sensitivity, I haven't even knocked it up a single notch and ALWAYS come first or second online.

OGharryjoysticks3575d ago

I've played it. The gameplay is rock solid. If anybody is actually claiming the gameplay is generic or poor they are just hating on the game and fooled you.

italianbreadman3575d ago

With all the conflicting opinions of Killzone 2, I feel like I just have to play it myself.

I thought the first Killzone was "generic and poor," but I have a feeling this one is actually going to be innovative and excellent... not to mention gorgeous.

el_bandito3575d ago

Arguably its the year's best shooter/game as of the moment, and most technically and graphically advanced game to date. Effect? Of course the great great effort to beat this game in its glorious aspects; yep its competition amongst all developers to create a game of the same caliber----everyone wins!

JsonHenry3575d ago

I personally think the game looks great for a console. Much better than what I thought was possible (even though textures are all washed out and bland).

However, lack of an invite system, no way to check the ping of the server you are on/connecting to, and very small amount of variety of weapons leaves a lot to be desired.

However, future patches, and add-ons through DLC should fix these problems. This game will tide me over until the new CoD ships later this year.

Ju3575d ago

This game does for me for the MP what Resistance did for me for shooter genre in general back then. It got me into the game. I really didn't like competitive online play to much (and I have really tried a couple, and the only thing I could come up with is Bad Company, and R2 co-op). But this game gets you hooked and is very addicting. You want to progress because you want to unlock these damn special abilities to make you even more deadly. The rank progression is very well balanced and the XPs do the rest. The pace is slow, maybe just right for an old guy like me. At the same time turn around within the game is fast, action packed, never gets bored.

CobraKai3574d ago

The gameplay is just as tight as any fps. I don't know what their expecting in terms of innovation, but I'll be damned if this isn't one of the most intense fps I've ever played. Seriously, I felt that Modern Warfare was intense, but this just outdoes it.

Gorgon3574d ago

Arguably its the year's best shooter/game as of the moment, and most technically and graphically advanced game to date"

You forgot to add "on consoles" there.

xboxlj3574d ago

I honestly cannot get into Killzone 2 for some reason. I know people are going to claim I am a fanboy, but I am being honest. I really do wish I could find a truly excellent game for my ps3. So far MGS4 is the only game I would put in that category on the ps3. BTW, I was also very disappointed with Halo 3, but I do like the series overall.

solidt123574d ago

Killzone 2 puts tremendous pressure on Halo 3: ODST. It better not look like Halo 3 or people will be disappointed. With it only being an expansion and not a full game I think it will look better than Halo 3, but not as good as Killzone 2.

xboxlj3574d ago

I don't expect for it to look nowhere near Killzone 2. I am not really expecting much from it. I do however hope that they make a Halo 4, with a better story and varied gameplay.

y0haN3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

KZ2's online shows that you don't need a massive ranking system to keep players happy, but you do need an elaborate reward system. People can get to the highest rank in say 15-20 hours, but gathering ribbons and therefore new abilities is where the fun is at, and all of that comes afterwards. The ranking system is obviously just there as a sort of training program, so that players of better skill aren't playing with new people (like Bootcamp, on Call of Duty.) The fact that you earn skills not for random feats, like any form of kill, such as in CoD (earning new weapons or skills at a level), but for actually completing tasks creates a more involving experience and more determined players.

The fluidity of the gameplay, such as when a game mode has ended and the next one begins immediately, as well as the ability to join squads, communicate within them, and spawn on your leader, as well as a tactician's (one of the unlockable classes) ability to place mobile spawn points helps players keep the action going without ever zoning out.

The apparent "laggy" controls were never felt by myself, but I have read many complaints of it online. I can only deduce that these people are too used to twitch shooters like CoD/Counter-Strike. The purpose of the controls being more relaxed is that you are meant to feel like your arms are, well, arms. You're meant to have a sense of weight in the world and not feel like some camera-controlled gun.

These are the reasons I like this game.

My 2¢.

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italianbreadman3575d ago

Yeah, definitely a good read. The more that competition spurs creativity and refinement, the better.

mint royale3575d ago

but I doubt developers would have just suddenly realised what they have to do in order to create awesome games. The next huge blockbusters are already in development :)

italianbreadman3575d ago

Haha, true. There's no "light switch" necessary to realize that great graphics, sound, gameplay, etc. makes a great game.

Chubear3575d ago

they'd said "hahaha!!! you cant' even hope to do those kinds of graphics even on the PS4!" and we're seeing this in essentially the first 2 years on the PS3.

With about 5 more years to go before the PS4 launches (and that'll need about a year to get going) isn't it funny how upcoming games are now expected to look like KZ2 even though it was said it could never happen this gen.

Socomer 19793575d ago

Always innovating the industry and having others follow in thier footsteps. Its so cool that this company and the people who work for them are making videogames for us. I appreciate everything & will always buy a PS3 exclusive before any multiplatform game to show my support. Sony you are Awesome.

jBat173575d ago

unlike those complaining noobs, i did my time to play a lot of MP and got used to the controls in a day or 2.

here's why it's not broken: the sniper gun. it's accurate and responsive. no "deadzone". plus the motion sensing is perfect.

every gun handles differently. get used to it.

the only glitch is with the shotty. it auto-aims too easily for an instant kill. but the guys using it aren't complaining.

Chubear3575d ago

KZ2 has spoilt my arse rotten. I have to jolt myself to ignore my thoughts of going "wtf, this looks like last gen" when I play other FPS now.

Pennywise3575d ago

I'm with you. I feel sorry for console devs now... they have high standards to meet.

Chubear3575d ago

not if they come to their senses and make sure they get their hands on the Edge Engine used in KZ2. With Sony's customer support, they could do great things with this engine.

Close_Second3575d ago

...with Gears on the 360. Was easily the best looking game that came out for quite some time (may still be the best on the 360!!). I started comparing everything post Gears to Gears and nothing quite hit the mark as well as Gears.

Killzone 2 is a visual feast and although it can be improved (i.e. the little things such as being able to shoot the flags that litter the landscape, residual bullet holes, etc) its going to be hard to play anything else. For instance, Resistance 2 (albeit a great game) looks positively last gen compared to K2. It also makes the COD games look old and dusty.

K2 is going to be one hard act to follow.

solidt123574d ago

Yeah Im with you guys. I feel sorry for Infinity Ward because they are a top class studio when it comes to FPS games, but since Modern Warfare 2 will be Multi-platform I don't think it will get close enough to Killzone 2, but of course it will still sell well.

CobraKai3574d ago

There has been far too much work done for this engine that it would be a total waste just to have it be used on only Killzone.

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Xbots3575d ago

Killzone 2 best FPS & MP this Gen, FACT...

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