Hands On: Guitar Hero II 360 Impressions

Kotaku play test Guitar Hero II on the 360.

"The game looks nicer than the PS2 version. Lots of bloom. Better texturing on the characters, better lighting. And BLOOM. God, it's everywhere, it's quite distracting. The black marker pen strokes on the tracklist are about the only things that don't radiate light. Death's wing feathers look great. But it's Guitar Hero - if you're caring about the graphics you're kind of missing the point."

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Rasputin20114269d ago

I love Guitar hero & Guitar Hero 2 on PS2 and it sounds like it is going to rock out on Xbox 360!

jpod4269d ago

I want this game already! With new songs and downloadable content, this is too good to pass up.

makingdamage4269d ago

What about the guitar, is it cordless or not?
That´s what I want to know...

speed4269d ago

According to the boys at GameStop they will just have the wired guitar bundled, but offer a wireless one at a later date

kmis874268d ago

They're trying to work out a deal with Microsoft to get a wireless controller since the wireless is a proprietary Microsoft thing. Probably a month or two after release you'll see it. The cords shouldn't be that bad unless it's really awkward in your setup.