PlayStation Home: Microsoft Fires Back

Following Sony's much-discussed PlayStation Home announcement earlier this week, Microsoft's Chris Satchell has talked down the service saying that it's "not a very game-centric approach".

He continues: "It's a cool world but it's like a little game by itself. Our approach is the other way around; it's that games are the center and that's the star of the show, that's what people buy the console for."

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InMyOpinion4274d ago

What the h£ll happened to Microsofts keynote speech at GDC?
Somehow they will need to counter Little big planet and Home in order to compete. Little big planet is the first game in years that made my fingers itch like a dopefiend just by watching the trailer.

Anerythristic264273d ago

I have both systems. Little Big Planet is very cool and very exciting and has graphics that MS will have to answer to. I have to ask you this though , I WILL buy LBP because I have a PS3 but is that the type of game that sells 600.00 consoles to the hardcore ? It's a graet idea and innovation in gaming but if you think it will move consoles off shelves like Halo 3 - Mass Effect or MGS4 - FF13 , I doubt your logic.

bilal4274d ago

still a modest response ..unlike the sh*t came out of that nintendo freak....

MrFurious4274d ago happy now, as new final order has been set: Sony is clearly number 1 and will let Microsoft and Nintendo fight each other...
Haha yeah here they are quite soft with Sony, but shame on them not to be able to compete there with more than 1 year market advance..
and how about new dev kit tools provided by Sony? did I hear Genius Sony??? Indeed...

ASSASSYN 36o4274d ago

You have no idea what has been going on!? You poor oblivous thing.

2tired2day2hate4274d ago

um....... ms and nintendo are outselling ALOT!!!

DeadlyFire4272d ago

Actually Sony is outselling Microsoft at the moment at least for the first 3 months it has sold slightly more consoles than X-box 360 per month. Nintendo is vastly outselling them both though.

Silver3604274d ago

Sony and MS are talking sensible right now. None of that overstated crap form the past. I hope this continues. Maybe if the companies didn't war so openly the fanboyism would die down some.

End1ess4274d ago

little tykes like to fight about who's daddy can beat up who. let 'em be retards, at least that way we look better.

FirstknighT4274d ago

"Our approach is the other way around; it's that games are the center and that's the star of the show, that's what people buy the console for"

That says it all!

Keyser4274d ago

I believe Sony's approach is very much in tune with the games yet they also are going a different that is all encompassing while MS has chosen a narrower path.

Neither is wrong, it just different. You never have to go in Home but it still records all that stuff for you like I never have to go in Live but it's still recording my acheivements.