Sony are thinking about doing a Warhawk beta

Dylan Jobe, game director for Warhawk, offered a glimmer of hope for PS3 fans who don't want to wait until this fall to play Sony's online-only dog-fighting title. Speaking to a gathering of bloggers, Jobe revealed that developer Incog and Sony were having internal discussions about having a public beta for Warhawk. Jobe believes a beta would be beneficial, acting as a demo and helping to stress-test Sony's servers.

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MikeGdaGod4180d ago

i would be interested in this. it would probably be the deciding factor in me buying the game or not

Marty83704179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Rather than change titles to avoid doing this. Whats the point of having tips and a scoring system.

kingboy - Any idea how to delete/edit a tip once its been sumitted, Just one of my tips it wrong it has the wrong title. But link works.

kingboy4179d ago

looks like many people are not giving credit for the news tips ps3 Fan summits