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Submitted by UltimateIdiot911 2539d ago | rumor

The King of Fighters XII Hits PlayStation 3s This Summer

The trailer dates a summer release for PS3. No mention on any other consoles. (King of Fighters XII, PS3)

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YungXclusive2K9  +   2539d ago
Exclusive cool

I kinda don't like the art style of this over Street fighter 4

Even though it is hand drawn
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YungXclusive2K9  +   2539d ago
The action counter that guy did was sick
ThanatosDMC  +   2539d ago
Meh, all those character pales in comparison to SS6 Nightmare Brolly!!!

SS6 Nightmare Brolly so ****ing powerful that he literally screws up your laptop or pc!

Mugen high fives anyone? ::high fives::

This is only SS3 Broly:
Hiruma Youchi  +   2539d ago
mugen was so cool back then. I still have mine in my old cpu
ThanatosDMC  +   2539d ago
Just for those that are curious how SS6 Nightmare Broly looks like. DONT INSTALL him. Most of the files that are out there for him are suppose to stop your computer from working. Not really a virus... but it just stops your computer somehow and eats up the CPU power.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2539d ago
DMC, if this game is exclusive I may get it. If it had DBZ characters that would be icing and cherries on a cake.

callahan09  +   2538d ago
I remember seeing a trailer for this over a year ago... it's still looking amazing. This is the pinnacle of 2D hand-drawn animation. Wow. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
ape007  +   2539d ago
oh my god

Im a kof fan,huge fan

I want this

can't forget kof 98:dream match on the DC

day 1 buy
YungXclusive2K9  +   2539d ago
is it really that good ape i never played it, it looks fun though
ape007  +   2539d ago
trust me
this game has the best,the most hardcore fighting ever

the gameplay is pure awesomness

and has amazing never seen like before,fully HD,fully hand drwan graphics

YungXclusive2K9  +   2539d ago
that combo looks amazing

Have you ever heard of school rivals?
ape007  +   2539d ago
school rivals on DC it was awesome

marvel vs capcom 2 was one of the best ever

the DC was actually something special

oh around 2000 and 2001,those were the day,playing crazy taxi,to kof to soul caliber to conker bad fur day to perfect dark

at the end of 2001

mgs2,gta 3,ff 10,dmc,halo 1,luigi's mantion to star wars roug squadron to smash bros to pikmin etc....


it's really pathatic,fanboys cause headach,lots of headach ,I want doctors to hurry and invent a cure to fanboys right now,they will make a lot of money,fanboyism is a disease,just think about it,why would a human bieng hate a game(that he likes insinde)just because it's on an another system(have the money to buy it)

that is a disease,a mental disease or a mental wall,a big wall

im sick and tired of fanboys
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The gaming GOD  +   2539d ago
School Rivals?
Do you guys mean Rival Schools?

And if you do, the DC version is the sequel called Project Justice
ape007  +   2539d ago
hahah man,I was so confused,lol

I was thinking rival schools,then he said schooles rivals,I was like oh im wrong it's school rivals,then you came and say rival schools LOLZ

and the DC version has different name,I remeber it's rival schooles 2 or OR OR OR

Helghast Slayer  +   2539d ago
Yeah Rival Schools was incredible back then on the ps1. I had such good fun everytime i played that game lol. Man times have change.
SupaPlaya  +   2538d ago
98 is the one and only kof I still play today.

You can find play 98 on GGPO still.
PirateThom  +   2539d ago
Is this exclusive? I thought there was a 360 version as well...
UltimateIdiot911  +   2539d ago
Not sure, that's why I listed under rumor. So far, it only say PS3 and I can't find any information about a 360 version except a links to a Kotaku article from way back in 07.
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gambare  +   2539d ago
It looks like, but need more sources to confirm
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Harry190  +   2539d ago
Sorry SF4
But my heart belongs to King of Fighters and always will. This is one of the best things to happen to me. Wow.
arika  +   2539d ago
i like it
so this is the year the great fighting games comes out. 1st it was sf4 next is kof XII. wow! and an exclusive to booth. bring it on!
Rock Bottom  +   2539d ago
Don't forget Tekken 6.
chidori666  +   2539d ago
woot exclusive baby.
silverchode  +   2539d ago
are you sure
testerg35  +   2539d ago
I never could get into KOF or any SNK fighting games. It always seemed like there was only 2 frames for each move. I just couldn't get past the graphics.
Hiruma Youchi  +   2539d ago
i like KOF. What I found funny was the way the characters kept spinning when they got hit in the other gameplay videos.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2539d ago
Maybe this will be a PSN release? I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap to buy, 29.99 or maybe 39.99 even, but since PSN has full retail games already I can see a game like this being a perfect fit for that.
J@D  +   2539d ago
That's what I'm thinking too.
blikz  +   2539d ago
I wonder it will release on disk or psn...
bobdog626  +   2539d ago
You Guys can keep this one
Ill wait for Tekken and Killer Instint but if King of Fighter's goes 3D im all in.
HDgamer  +   2539d ago
It went 3D on the ps2 and I think xbox back in the day.
boodybandit  +   2538d ago
Killer Instinct, really?
When was that announced?
Enigma_2099  +   2538d ago
You choose Killer Instinct... over a KOF game?!?!?
... takes all kinds, I guess...
chasegamez2  +   2539d ago
cool i love ps3 exclusive
besides socom confrontation because it was a broken game
i love socom 1 , socom 2 was the best
socom 3 was good
mt  +   2539d ago
now ..
no one can't talk bad about it or he will get a lot of disagrees from the sonyfanboys . until they release it to the x-box 360 :p
mt  +   2538d ago
lol u see..
and now no more disagrees because the game went muli :p
KKanjiAnkh  +   2539d ago
This is gonna be the $h!t, been waiting 4 this, + KOF 2002 UM, keep the formula but out do yourself.
BkaY  +   2539d ago
yep same here mate....
i stated from "art of fighting" it is really good .... but when i played kof 94 i was like "tht wha im talkin about".... still find kof 94 hardest among all kofs...

looking forward to it....

i hope they have online..... (if anyone knows about the online then plz let me know ...(an honest question))

ssipmraw  +   2539d ago
i hope they have a hell of a lot of dlc characters for this game
Rmagnus  +   2539d ago
I am pretty sure SNK will port it over to 360 as well, the company kinda needs the cash.. Huge KOF myself but I really dislike the rooster... still gonna get it on day 1. Just hope that they will include more characters for PS3/360.
KKanjiAnkh  +   2539d ago
The roster is small, cause of the major retooling, amount of time it took to redrawn each individual characters animations, and this isn't a direct sequel to XI. I wish Capcom would've keep their formula, just added some of SF4 intricacies, to further progress, and balance.

Edit: If they do a Capcom VS SNK 3, please GOD use this formula.
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Aceluffy  +   2539d ago
Hells Yeahhhhh !!
I've been waiting for so long for this fighting masterpiece. The first KOF that's actually discarding all the previous graphics and remodeled it completely new, hand drawn, and also the first KOF in HD. This game is gonna sit nicely with my SF4. Bring it on SNK !!
taco_tom237  +   2539d ago
it doesn't say exclusive
ssipmraw  +   2539d ago
It doesnt say Xbox 360 either....
DarkBlood  +   2539d ago
my first fighting game i believe was king of fighters 95 for the ps1 and it was an awsome experince as it became my fav fighting game as legend o fdragoon was my first rpg and became my favourite

man i can't wait for this game i was debating my self to if i should get the wii version of the collection or the ps2 version

plus its really cheap 14 bucks ps2 29.99 for wii version

and weird thatits 18 for psp version but id be buying the king of fighters 94 again because its in the collection lol

and the againd another wii game that is 94 in it which is the neo geo collection lol

but yeah i can't wait for this game im excited but was wondering hopfully they have the guy with the headband on his head and the guy with part of his hair covering his face they both used the flame attack that was different color on kof 95 and i hope they have the girl name king in there

as all 3 characters i mention was my made up team on the old game and also my fav fighters

excuse me for talking this long lol
Aceluffy  +   2539d ago
@ Darkblood
Hehehehe, I believe the characters you're refering to is Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, They're long time rivals and always will be. Oh, I'm so hyped for this new KOF, always the best gameplay ever ( At least to me ). Once you've fought this game's final boss, you gonna be kissing the ground and thanking the good lord to have Seth as SF4's boss ( The easiest boss ever, even in Hardest difficulty ). Believe me, once you've mastered KOF, all other 2D fighting game will look mediocre if not bad. Go Go Kim Kaphwan !
slave2Dcontroller  +   2539d ago
My 2 Cents
This is kinda a counter by SNK and Sony to offset Capcom and MSFT announcement of Lost Planet2.

Personally I think both KOF and LP2 will be eventually be PS360 games the kicker is ONLY 1 version of each game can be the lead. So 360 will have the better version of LP2 and the PS3 will have the better version of KOF.

Normally I wouldnt be as interseted in KOF as I currently am but SF4 has REALLY REALLLLLY revived my love for fighters, 2D fighters in particular. Its nice to 2D coming back.

At any rate, I could be wrong and perhaps LP2 is a 360 exclusive and KOF could very well be a PS3 exclusive. We will just have to wait and see.
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FinalomegaS  +   2538d ago
I don't get..?
How is this a counter from SNK/Sony's part? SNK playmore don't align them self with just one system ever since they lost NEOGEO.
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Dark General  +   2539d ago
Awesome 2D sprite hotness. When i look at this it makes me dream of SF4 with HD sprites.
housegroove76  +   2539d ago
whoohoo KoF XII is coming to the PSN. Now we just need BlazeBlu to make it over (I remember reading back when BB was being developed it was coming exclusive to the PSN havent heard any word since) and the PSN will have total 2D fighter domination!!
Dark General  +   2539d ago
I was looking at some trailers for BlazBlue last week and the game looks incredible. It's supposed to be the heir apparent to Guilty Gear so it should be pretty cool.
Miraak82  +   2539d ago
never played and king of fighters but that looked badass
shadowfox6  +   2539d ago
O.O....Wonderful trailer
I've been waiting so long for KoF to be reworked & this looks awesome, day 1 purchase :3
DirtyLary  +   2539d ago
SF4 is casting a pretty big shadow these days.
Camper  +   2539d ago
KOF sucks
no one cares about this game
Rmagnus  +   2539d ago
Yup seems like no one cared hence you have to click on a link that has KOF on it.. seriously if you don't care wtf you doing here?
Aceluffy  +   2539d ago
If KOF sucks, then you're definitely not a true fighting gamer, don't forget, KOF is one of the best contender for 2D fighting world. To say otherwise is just purely ignorance. But then again, maybe you're not into 2D fighting ( Or maybe suck at it ? )
NMC2007  +   2539d ago
So will the tune change when they come out and say it's multi or will y'all still like it? SNK didn't say it was exclusive and it's quite funny that you guys pick and choose when to take Kotaku seriously, awesome stuff indeed.

I see that everyone is basing this "exclusivity" off of the exclusion of the X360 logo, well Star Ocean doesn't have the PS logo either but every PS3 fan thinks it's multiplat, how does that work exactly?

I really don't care about KOF, never have cared about SNK games, didn't like SNK vs Capcom because it had SNK characters in it, but all I am trying to point out is how flip flop jittery nonsensical you guys can be.

Ah well. -_-

PS. According to the Gametrailers listing it's still multiplat, but of course they are wrong, right?
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Rmagnus  +   2539d ago
ps don't tint everyone with the same brush
it can come out on DS,PSP,Wii,PS2,Xbox,360 ps3 & PC and i will still get it day 1. I didn't like SNK VS capcom simply because the game was rubbish n the KOF ppl were nerf to hell.
J@D  +   2539d ago
Me want, Me want, ME WANT nou. It look awesome seriously and it look like a PSN game to me ^^
Sackdude  +   2539d ago
Me too!!
zep  +   2539d ago
im the biggest fan of KOF here at N4G :P
will be playing this baby on arcade this April :P i hope the PS3 will be out after that :D July maybe :D KOF 2002 best in the series just done on KOF 2002 UM damn unlocking all char hidden char is pain in the as try to beat Geese at challenge mode lvl 40 haha
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