Twenty Ways to Make Metal Gear Solid 5 Successful

Following are twenty mostly detailed points. Some are things Kojima Productions should do with MGS5; some are things Kojima Productions should not do. Some are things they would never even consider doing, some are things that would never happen in a million years, but have been included just to make sure. So, here's how to make the next Metal Gear awesome...

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Jager2646d ago

And MGS4 was unsuccessful... how?

kapedkrusader2646d ago

...the writer thinks Snake died in MGS4. WTF?!

Xandet2646d ago

1. Hideo Kojima remains in the director's chair and Kojima Productions develops the game.

No need for twenty.

sonarus2646d ago

Was just gonna say the same thing Xandet

Kulupoo2646d ago

ya Xandek take the word right out of my mouth,
however i wish hideo stop working on MGS, and work on snatcher or a new ip.... or zone of enders... =p

Venomish2646d ago

1. make it ps3 exclusive
2. snake make a quick appearance in the background
3. reference to snake as legendary

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swiftshot932646d ago

and its the best game on PS3. /confused

Theoneneo812646d ago

it has Metal Gear on the Cover duh of course it will be.

Marcelles252646d ago

all a game needs is its predeccessors name just look at tekken 6, FF, GT5, halo 3, Killzone 3, god of war 3 uncharted 2, gears 3, the list goes on and on

KrazieBone4202646d ago

This is stupid this guy is stupid this would all make the game worse what are you? an xbox fanboy or somthing? trying to make the game bad? lol Metal Gear Solid is perfect as it is leave it alone.

TrueStoryGuy2646d ago

1) Some of the pictures don't even match the argument.

2) That "MGS5" logo for this story sucked.

3) Snake's dead? WTF.

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