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Twenty Ways to Make Metal Gear Solid 5 Successful

Following are twenty mostly detailed points. Some are things Kojima Productions should do with MGS5; some are things Kojima Productions should not do. Some are things they would never even consider doing, some are things that would never happen in a million years, but have been included just to make sure. So, here's how to make the next Metal Gear awesome... (Metal Gear, Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3)

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Jager  +   2460d ago
And MGS4 was unsuccessful... how?
Raoh  +   2460d ago
beat me to it......
kapedkrusader  +   2460d ago
Read it til the end...
...the writer thinks Snake died in MGS4. WTF?!
Xandet  +   2460d ago
(The) One Way to Make MGS5 Successful:
1. Hideo Kojima remains in the director's chair and Kojima Productions develops the game.

No need for twenty.
sonarus  +   2460d ago
Was just gonna say the same thing Xandet
Kulupoo  +   2460d ago
ya Xandek take the word right out of my mouth,
however i wish hideo stop working on MGS, and work on snatcher or a new ip.... or zone of enders... =p
Venomish  +   2460d ago
1. make it ps3 exclusive
2. snake make a quick appearance in the background
3. reference to snake as legendary
swiftshot93  +   2460d ago
how the hell is MGS4 not one of the greatest games of all time?
and its the best game on PS3. /confused
Theoneneo81  +   2460d ago
its sucsesfull Cause
it has Metal Gear on the Cover duh of course it will be.
Marcelles25  +   2460d ago
really thats soo true
all a game needs is its predeccessors name just look at tekken 6, FF, GT5, halo 3, Killzone 3, god of war 3 uncharted 2, gears 3, the list goes on and on
KrazieBone420  +   2460d ago
This is stupid this guy is stupid this would all make the game worse what are you? an xbox fanboy or somthing? trying to make the game bad? lol Metal Gear Solid is perfect as it is leave it alone.
TrueStoryGuy  +   2460d ago
Several things wrong with this article
1) Some of the pictures don't even match the argument.

2) That "MGS5" logo for this story sucked.

3) Snake's dead? WTF.
Unicron  +   2460d ago
Eh, weak list. Big time.
The_Kills  +   2460d ago
Even if this happened
You would still have people saying the game sucks, or how it was overhyped and how it needs go to to the Xbox..

WHY IS THIS EVEN BEING TALKED ABOUT NOW, MGS5 I can almost say from common sense isnt even in development.
Marcelles25  +   2460d ago
Seriously just read the article
How did this get approved and put on to the front page
doshey  +   2460d ago
Twenty Ways to Make Metal Gear Solid 5 Successful
how can this guys even say this when he dont even know whats going on in the game
taco_tom237  +   2460d ago
keep it ps3 exclusive
Bathyj  +   2460d ago
Twenty Ways to Make Metal Gear Solid 5 Successful
#1 Keep it PS3 exclusive.

#2 - #20
That'll pretty much take care of itself.
DNAgent  +   2460d ago
Step 1
Oh wait, there isn't going to be a Metal Gear Solid 5.
specialguest  +   2460d ago
I don't think Kojima needs help from anyone to make any of his MGS games successful. This article is an insult.
LeGenDx  +   2460d ago
cut the story?
what would mgs be with out the story...
Foxgod  +   2460d ago
Like the original metal gears on the msx ?
Those where a whopping load of fun to play, and they hardly had any story.

So the game would still work without a gazillion of cutscenes.
cactuschef  +   2460d ago
N4G should have a article rating system, so we can rate crap like this down.
specialguest  +   2459d ago
I think you're on to something there.
Fatal Blow  +   2460d ago
Twenty Ways to Make Metal Gear Solid 5 Successful
1. Cut down on the story

His first reason is totlly worng the cutscene are what make's a msg so great & unique

i'll say one reasone that make's up 20 way's mgs 5 is successfull if
Hideo Kojima remains in the director's chair and Kojima Productions develops the game that simple.
Foxgod  +   2460d ago
Not really, the cutscenes where an addition that was added later in the series.

Metal gear was already unique with its first couple of iterations on the msx back in the 80ies, later on when they rebooted the series as metal gear solid in the 90ies they started adding cutscenes, but it didnt get more unique then it already was.
Eiffel  +   2460d ago
I thought the Metal Gear Solid saga ended.

Now there's just Metal Gear.
The GOAT  +   2460d ago
in order for it to be an amazing game it only needs 2 things
1. Hideo Kojima overseeing everything
2. "Metal Gear Solid 5" on the cover
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2460d ago
As long as it remains exclusive on the PS3, the superior console, it should be successful. With 100gb Bluray's on the way, who knows how epic the 5th MGS game will be.
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Mutley416  +   2460d ago
It`s gonna sell no matter what.
Foxgod  +   2460d ago
Metal gear ended with Snakes revenge.
Metal Gear solid ended with Kojima leaving after part 4 was done ?

So a next metal gear is a konami production, will reboot the series, and will be multi.
caseh  +   2460d ago
Yet another....
...retarded article, how about this for an article:

20 Reasons why people should stop and think before they start writing sh!t articles -

1. Make sure you know SOMETHING (at least!) about the topic you are going to start waffling sh!t about.

*feel free to add to this*
Jellzy  +   2460d ago
After reading it, it seems the writer obviouslly didnt finish the game and/or didnt do his homework, which pretty much makes his points mute.]

Anyhoo the best thing that could happen to the Metal Gear series is if it goes back to its roots as a 'tactical espionage action' game as they put it ie. Stealth. My fav MGS was the original, due to the fact i think it had the best plot of the lot (...possibly with the exception of Snake Eater) but also pushed you to usin your noggin and trying to get you to sneak around etc, rather than just letting you gun-ho through the game.
Foxgod  +   2460d ago
Indeed, the originals are still my favorite too, Metal gear solid 1 on the psx came real close tho.

Hopefully Metal gear goes back to stealth, thats what made the game Metal Gear to me, running around inside a building, grabbing pass keys without being noticed, relyíng on your knife until you found the silencer, rationing rations :P.
Jellzy  +   2460d ago
Ahh MGS1 on the PSX, and better yet was the oppurtunity to play through it again as a remake on the gamecube containing better graphics along with elements from MGS2 such as a first person view, improved CQC etc..

Back when you got pissed if you set off an alarm and had to load up a previous save which made you sit through the same 10min cutscene you just watched, lol.

Somebody needs to bring back the stealth genre or revitalize it atleast. Havent had my taste buds quenched for a good while now. Gone are the days of stealth gameplay.
bigboss911  +   2459d ago
lol foxgod
They did not have cutscenes and story elements because of lack of space. That was in the 80's. If you read the MGS encylopedia there is more story to these games than LOTR. The cutscenes were the reason i fell in love with MGS. The games would be pointless,sell only 125K copies and would have a 40% on meta.The deep story is why i fell connected with these characters in the first place. Truth be told any true MGS fan was holding back man tears at the end of 4 lol.
twenty reasons for me.

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