JustinSaneV2  +   2275d ago
Chronicles of Riddick, KotOR, & Metal Gear Solid 2.

Enough said.
Klopek  +   2275d ago
Butcher Bay is included and improved in the new Riddick game. Buying the original would just be a waste of points.
LostChild  +   2275d ago
I will take the three you mention and add:
Beyond Good & Evil and Marvel vs Capcom2
Freak of Nature  +   2275d ago
Oddworlds "Strangers wrath"......
Along with....Panzer Dragoon Orta....and Beyond good and Evil....
#1.3 (Edited 2275d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NegativeCreepWA  +   2275d ago
I want to see Phantom Dust make an appearance sometime. Though I don't know if I wound want to play through those 100 missions again to get all the abilities.
Bnet343  +   2275d ago
Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2
ps3d0  +   2275d ago
They have a good list or course with only 5 it leaves a lot of great games that you can add.

Personally I love to see all the Panzer Dragoon games on xbla even if it does decrease the vaule of my collection. Would also lover to see AvP 1&2 on there. If did that and updated the graphics I'd be in video game heaven lol
AAACE5  +   2274d ago
They should release "The Guy Game" again!
TheColbertinator  +   2275d ago
Deus Ex 2 and the Sega games deserve recognition
jack who  +   2275d ago
no midtown madness on that list = list faill
Cajun Chicken  +   2275d ago
Serious Sam 2
Oddworld Strangers Wrath
jlemdon  +   2275d ago
if Otogi 1&2 ain't up there I'll be one mad duck.
Sangria  +   2275d ago
I already have Psychonauts and Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy), two of my favorite games ever, so i'm all glad. I'm still turning around Rez, but the only missing would be Jet Set (Grind) Radio Future, which i already have on Dreamcast. This is pure awesomeness.
thesithfreak  +   2275d ago
two of those on that list are the best games ever made. Shenmue 2 and KOTOR. Also just saying, Metal Gear Solid and Zelda are in the best games ever list lol and mario, and elder scrolls....killzone 2....shadow of the colossus....i love gaming.
Eiffel  +   2275d ago
Um...DooM 3?

I know its already been announced for release but still the list needs this game.

I'm still wondering why Halo 2 is not on there..You would think by now it would be.
#8 (Edited 2275d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Covenant  +   2275d ago

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (not backwards compatible; for that matter, make Serious Sam 2 available)

I have Panzer Dragoon Orta...GREAT game, would definitely be worth it


Jet Set Radio Future

And maybe start adding achievements to them...?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2275d ago
I'd love to see Psi-Ops, Project Snowblind, Jet Set Radio and KoToR. :)
#10 (Edited 2275d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   2275d ago
I love Psi Ops. I still play it. Bring on a current gen version.
Elven6  +   2275d ago
Psi OPs, nuff said!
doomster71  +   2275d ago
Panzer dragoon orta would be the highest one on my list of originals hopefuls. Especially since the pal version of that game (which I have) crashes at the end of ch3. I thought it might have just been me but there is plenty more reports from other people with the pal version with the same problem.
gunner124  +   2275d ago
is the only one i care about
Reibooi  +   2275d ago
The fact that Panzer Dragoon isn't already backwards compatibility is shocking. It is easily one of the best games on the Xbox and is a great game and I see no reason why it should not be backwards.
skyfire2261  +   2274d ago
Well then it pleases me to inform you PDO has been compatible on the 360 for quite some time, almost 2 years i think?

Kushan  +   2275d ago
I just want them to add compatibility to Timesplitters, I'll find the game myself if I have to.
Elven6  +   2275d ago
Almost forgot, Kung Fu Chaos was a pretty fun game to play with friends, it was made by the guys that did Heavenly Sword before the merge, or was it just a name change? Regardless they do great stuff.
DoctorXpro  +   2274d ago
Metal Gear Solid 2
Jet Set Radio
Rallisport Challenge 2
Shenmue 2

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