Sony didn't copy Wii's Mii's

Sony's Playstation HOME service has only just been announced, but it seems it has been in the works for a long time. There have been reports that it has been in development for two years or more. This post from 2005 confirms that Sony was working on this way before Wii's Mii social network was announced:

"SCEA and SOE are developing MMORPG(something similiar to ffxi) style online service for PS3 right now. It will have online pack which it comes with HDD and the online software. You can go online and chat with people like mmorpg style. Your stats will have the list of games you have and scores(or ranks) for each game, and other great things. And if you want to look for someone to play online for certain game, you have to go to this certain area(or town) for that specific game or the game will automatically takes you to that town. Sony thinks "hyper links" technology is a history. They want to create a "virtual world" for PS3 online service where people can actually interact eachother like mmorpg style. There are more great details, but this is all I can get for now. I'm not expecting you to believe me"

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specialguest4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

So far, no ones really complained about Sony copying Nintedo's Mii. People often forget that things like Sony's "Home" takes years to develope and it didn't just go into developement after Nintendo's Mii was introduced.

Killer Cop4270d ago

Can we be free for the "Sony is copying ideas" complains now? I hate when people is saying that... Well, good news for Sony in some sort.

nambo4270d ago

Does this site have such weak monitoring that links to fourms are considered news? Where's the "Lame" button when you need it.

anthonsh4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )


Bathyj4270d ago

Wow, while its obvious Home wasn't knocked up in a couple weeks, that post was put up in May 2005. I bet that guys going ""I told ya so" now.

techie4270d ago

I didn't actually expect it to be posted. But felt it needed to be said considering the date of the post was 2005 and noone believed him. It was news bot that approved don't blame me...

Keyser4269d ago

Good post. Just proves a fact. Why are facts always shot down more than rumors...

techie4269d ago

Kutako have just posted the very same quotation from the forums and have made an article about it! I beat them to it! I could be a journalist :P lol

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The story is too old to be commented.