Games for Windows Live: Two Years Later? Still Sucks

The amount of chatter you find around Twitter can be quite interesting at times. "Jesus, signing up for Games for Windows Live is convoluted and broken," remarks a programmer with EA DICE (developer of Mirror's Edge and Battlefield: Bad Company). "Games for Windows Live is a pile of dog poop!

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meepmoopmeep3575d ago

well, Steam is just a distribution channel

the games are still Windows Live, yeah?

Elven63575d ago

Steam is basically online store 2.0, while GFW is PC Gaming 2.0, both have excelled in their own fields greatly, I mean GFW brought renewed interest in PC gaming from both developer and gamer while Steam and Valve innovated digital distribution. That fact that Valve was able to run laps around sales with L4D's price drop is proof enough.

meepmoopmeep3575d ago

woops, i meant GFW... hehe

shows you how much of a hardcore PC fanboy i really am


kwicksandz3575d ago

I have used the GFW client in dawn of war 2 and have no issues with it, other than the fact that steam gives you everything it does but you need both to play DOW2..

DeadlyFire3574d ago

G4WL just needs an outside client. Something like Steam/Xfire so you can message friends while browsing the net and other stuff. Its not that hard to make an outside game client for it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft aim at buying Valve in couple of years. They can't make what they want then they will go out and buy it. Valve already likes them more than Sony. It would be a good relationship between the two and G4WL would work well as a reincarnated version of Steam.

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Marona3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

GFW LIVE is free, no fee requirement for seven months since late July '08. It also got a new interface which isn't mentioned.

The Blogger needs some fixing.

Reply 1:
I don't think the blogger knows much, GFW is just a marketing program for Windows Operating Systems(with a limited compatibility to Mac OS X). I own several GFW titles while none of them use the LIVE feature and I'm fine with or without it really. Once I get my hands on DoWII it won't make a difference to me really(I didn't have any issues with GFW LIVE during the beta phase).

Elven63575d ago

I don't think this person knows the difference between GFW and GFWL, unless I read something wrong titles like Call of Duty: World at War, X-Blades, Empire: Total War, etc are all GFW and not GFWL like this author is saying.

Nike3575d ago

When criticizing GFW games like World at War, he was pointing out the site's lack of information on certain things like system requirements and support for parental controls. Same for the forums, though he uses the problems on the forums to highlight how many probs both GFW and GFW LIVE have.

But yeah, it gets confusing...hard to distinguish when he's talking about what. Also, GFW LIVE has been free since last summer. You can also download demos and trailers. :P

Obama3575d ago

Just the 360 this year.