Why Gaming Needs an Oscar

gameplayer writes:
"The Oscars, arguably, are quite shit. They get things wrong far more often than they get them right (Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction anyone? Thought not) and watching as the pomp and pretense unfolds is as painful as it is strangely compulsive.

But really the quality of the picks, or even the show itself, is largely irrelevant – the Oscars is a showcase for the movie industry and the interest it garners from media outlets worldwide is staggering. It attracts the public's attention to well made movies, kickstarts the careers of quality actors/actresses/directors, and is a real driving force for cinema in general."

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ape0073573d ago

his games deserves goty and oscar at the same time

hedio is a legend

Jamegohanssj53573d ago

It's Hideo Kojima. He would have won them all because he is GOD! I idolize he and Trent Reznor.


kickaski3572d ago


Zeus Lee3573d ago

No,gaming doesn't need a boring Awards ceremony.

Major_Tom3573d ago

It needs to be if it wants to be taken more seriously.

Sangria3573d ago

I agree video games should have an official and international recognition as cultural and artistic products, and they have to get rewards, but nothing to do with cinema and Oscars.

And i think there are already video game rewards, it just doesn't fit in a ceremony.

tippygip3573d ago

Hoop Dreams > Pulp Fiction > Forrest Gump > Shawshank Redemption

BIGBIRD3243573d ago

The industry Def. Needs something like this

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The story is too old to be commented.