Can Agito Break Monster Hunter's Stranglehold?

Monster Hunter has been seen as the de facto game in Japan for the PSP, as the top 3 games sales-wise are all from the Monster Hunter franchise. Square Enix are getting closer to catching up with their sales though, with both Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia: Final Fantasy posting very respectable numbers.

These sales see Square Enix currently occupy positions 4 and 5 in the PSP's Japanese sales charts, and Square Enix must surely be hoping that they can strike gold with their third major title on the PSP - Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

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ShawnCollier3577d ago

They'd need to have a community aspect like Monster Hunter. IIRC, isn't that one of the main reasons that game did so well in Japan?

mephman3577d ago

Yea, but I think they are trying to address with that with the expansive online multiplayer aspect.

DNAgent3577d ago

No. Especially since the game is part of the FF13 universe so it will obviously end up flopping. Maybe if it was something like Final Fantasy Agito 14 or something it may have a chance.

Da One3577d ago

that square was in fact trying to go after the Monster Hunter Audience and that with their world wide recognition of FF they'll most likely succeed

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