Playstation Network to overtake Xbox Live?

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

Is the Playstation Network would catching up to the illustrious Xbox Live? What with the release of Killzone 2 (with its substantial host of sales) and a mess of high-quality offerings available on the system, it seems as though this could be the case.

Along with the recent release of the poetic and beautiful game of intense artistic expression, Flower, the Playstation Network could be adding another popular independent developer game of decent renown and popularity in that of Braid. The recent acquisition of the former Xbox Live Arcade exclusive by Hothead Games has lead to its release on Mac and PC.

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Cajun Chicken3546d ago

Free right from the start out of the box with built in WLAN with online features for the future of the PS3's life meaning every PS3 customer can use the online features straight away
Pointless payments to 'allow' you to play online, but have to buy an adapter to access unless just by chance you have a phone line next to you with a 'great community' only due to the fact XBL existed before PSN with overrated scoreboard systems

...hmm, I wonder

Zeus Lee3546d ago

Yes,it can.

But looking at Sony's track record of making right moves,it appears Xbox Live will be the superior Online SOCIAL Gaming Network of this generation.

Now go on and disagree with the truth.

meepmoopmeep3546d ago

when is someone going to make a thread to ban THIS site?


edgeofblade3546d ago

If Sony wanted to actually catch XBL, the best thing they should do is look to XBL.

* DEMAND demos for every downloadable title, EVERY time
* DEMAND trophies in every game, EVERY time (which they now do)
* Stop playing the free card, because people are obviously willing to pay for a better experience

InfectedDK3546d ago

Playstation Network to overtake Xbox Live?
Yes it can. Will it? Now we dont know that.
I believe it will but whatever if it doesnt?
Just as long as they are somewhat equal.

But imagine Xbox Live in 3D in a year = PlayStation Home.

Imallvol73546d ago

really only people that regularly use xbox live and psn can really have a good opinion on this. If you do and you really prefer xbox live, I can accept that. I regularly game on both, and I honestly don't see much difference between the two. I mean, Netflix has made the cost more justifiable, but I already pay a monthly fee for Netflix. And Major's minute and all that junk they put up? Do you really need that? I don't watch any of it. If they wanted to charge extra for that stuff, they could, and let multiplayer be free.

Microsoft Xbox 3603546d ago

Most gamers don't care about the extra two features that XBL has over PSN. PSN will outpace XBL from here on out. No fool would pay for something thats supposed to be free.

Blaze9293546d ago

Its PSP and PS3 users and not only that but its also duh it will overtake Xbox Live number's. But will it ever be better? Doubt it. Its not even close right now. Like said above, Xbox Live is the king and its the truth. Disagree all you want, PSN doesn't even equal to Live right now.

slayorofgods3546d ago

you'd have to be stuck in the past if you don't think the PSN can compete with xbox live. The PSN really has grown alot from what it once was.

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jack who3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

5x more money vs psn been made over xbl i don't see that been overtaken anytime soon

Gue13546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

What difference makes if XBL makes more money or not? I mean, you're the consumer man. All that money it's for MS not for you. LoL ;-D

PSN it's free and almost on par with XBL. That's what you should be caring about.

II Necroplasm II3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Fanboys suck a penis get a life

Why dis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

PSN is a BARREN WASTELAND it makes me mad that (some what) believed hit seeking media and PS3 fans when they said it was comparable to XBL.
Watching *PULSE* 100 times or surfing through inferior versions of Multi platform game demos on PSN makes me mad.
I'm afraid to multi task on PS3 I fear it has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

I agree I do like PSN games better for the most part.

PSN has better quality videos longer preview times and for me is faster than XBL(due to the lack of Content/traffic?)

Parapraxis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Good attempt at subtle trolling by first bashing PSN then saying something positive.
Unfortunately it's easily spotted.
As for multi-tasking on PS3, I don't think it's the console that has trouble "walking and chewing gum at the same time", from the level of quality in your posts I'm more inclined to believe it's the user (in this case you) that can't grasp complex tasks.

"inferior versions of Multi platform game demos"
Seriously, you gotta work on your toll-fu.

Also, why would you watch Pulse 100 times?
You do realize you can play online with PSN, you don't have to sign up for some premium account or pay any extra, really, it's quite should try it some day when you get a PS3.

ps921173546d ago

does it make you mad when people talk sh¡t as if they truly believe it, cause it does make me mad when people say 360 graphics are equivalent to ps3 or even say that graphics 360>ps3, or when they compare GT to other racing games as if they were even a competition, or when they talk about dvd being better than bd, or when they talk about GeOW2 graphics being equivalent to ks2 or mgs4, or when they talk about Alan Wake graphics on 360, or when they talk about 360 having upcoming exclusives comparable to ps3, or when they talk about cell=xenon, or saying RAM on ps3 is half of that of the 360, or failure rate of 360 being not to much different from ps3.

All those things piss me of but unfortunately I can't do sh¡t about it.

Cajun Chicken3546d ago

LMAO. Really, why do you bother?

Ausbo3546d ago

graphics ps3>360

online ps3<360

games ps3=360

Why dis3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Don't get me started on the social aspects and function edge (to say the least) XBL has over PSN.

@2.5 you must be talking about DL games looking better on PS3 lol.

Cajun Chicken3546d ago

True. But those social aspects aren't free, are they?
In fact, I'd say they're heavily overpriced and expensive for what they are...compared to free. Like PC gaming for the last decade and PSN now.
I'm sure I can cope with the price of a retail game in my pocket instead of said features, actually, I have; for two years and counting.

Microsoft Xbox 3603546d ago

You talk down on the PSN when you literally have no idea. PSN is just as stable, in fact, probably way more stable than XBL.

madpuppy3546d ago

You have to be the biggest 360 troll I have ever seen.
"I'm afraid to multi task on PS3 I fear it has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time."

What the He11 are you talking about? EVERY time I turn my 360 I feel I have to walk on eggshells for fear of it committing suicide just trying to do ONE thing. heck, I have even bought a small fan to pull heat away from the thing! I could probably use it as an air popper.

[email protected], you are one smug SOB.

XxZxX3546d ago

Really? XBOX 360 fanboy like to pay for air, because by paying for it, it make them feel that the air they breath is so much better than the widely available one.

Mister_Dawg3546d ago

The main thing that boils my piss with the PSN, is not being able to try every demo/full game before laying out the hard greens. Plus watching a video of the game is no f*cking substitute either.
XBOX LIVE has no such problem.

I would agree with a previous post that browsing the PSN seems to be faster, especially since the NXE came along. I can't believe how sluggish LIVE became after that.

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IronAva3546d ago

If the two were on the same system then I could see this taking place with one or the other. Back to reality, Xbox live has its followers and PSN has theirs as well.