Select/Start Games Review: Killzone 2

Select/Start Games writes:
"It's been a long time coming, but Killzone 2 is finally here. After spending the past 5 days with the games single and multi-player, I feel I'm finally ready to hand in my verdict.

In short, Killzone 2 is an epic, intense, and overall satisfying FPS experience, and I can't help but recommend it to everyone that is into FPS titles, regardless of the platform you own. If you are a fan of the FPS genre, and never saw reason to pick up a PS3, then this is it."

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SoIid Snake3579d ago

I fuccin' love Killzone 2!

StephanieBBB3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

So do I, But it's kinda sad that I've finished the SP and gotten to max ranks in MP :(

Still it's a blast to sneak around noobs in cloak with the scout and see how they hessitate to shooting me because they don't know WTF they are looking at ^^

But im surprised how the story of KZ2 makes me wounder if the ISA is indeed the bad guys and the helgast are the good ones? I suspect that something like this will play out in KZ3.

Microsoft Xbox 3603579d ago

I hope it's going to be a complete turn around in KZ3. We play as the Helghast.

StephanieBBB3579d ago

I kinda hope you get pinned in the middle of the two so you can choose to help which ever you like. But they should still be hostile towards you.

SprSynJn3579d ago

I have yet to receive my copy as of yet, but I am a bit worried with how easy it sounds to get to max ranks. It seems as almost everyone who has picked it up already has been able to do so. Is it that easy?

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DevilsJoker3579d ago

But i'm stuck right at the effing end in the palace. I made the mistake of doing first time in hard mode and it wasnt so bad untill now. Just keep getting me ass handed to me.

StephanieBBB3579d ago

you know that you can quit it and choose in the mission menu to play the last part in the palace on easy right?

DevilsJoker3579d ago

I dont want to take the cowards way out. =[

xaphanze3579d ago

I'm there now and I'm kicking ass. I've also started on veteran mode.

OrganicMachine3579d ago

I'm playing SP on hard with no hud and crosshair.. :D

made it to the palace.. but then it's gets hard coz Rico's A.I. lacks the I part...

xaphanze3579d ago

It's the same AI, but the number of helghasts is insane!

OrganicMachine3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I disagree.. the A.I. seems to respond faster on hard mode..

edit: are you talking aobut RIco's A.I.?

coz the helgahst's A.I. are more responsive and quicker..

xaphanze3578d ago

yeah I meant Rico's AI.

Microsoft Xbox 3603579d ago

This game makes CoD4 and WaW look like dirt. I tried playing COD yesterday and the graphics is awful compared to the new standards that Killzone 2 has set. K2 multiplayer online looks just as amazing as its single player component.

Bathyj3579d ago

I thought the FEAR 2 demo was ok til I went back to it after the KZ demo. Man, I hope this game doesn't spoil me in the same way GT spoils me. I dont like any sim racer except GT which is fine, i only want the best in that category, but I love having lots an lots of shooters.

Hopefully I'll still be able to go back to lesser games and still enjoy them for what they are. Nothing has Killzones feel anyway so they are differnt games and shouldn't be to much of a problem.

Still, I'll always probably be comparing the graphics, if nothing else.

Bathyj3579d ago

I'm playing on hard, and it FKN is.

Just passed the bit where you have to overrun the AA gun. Man its hard, I must of dont it 30 times and was starting to get frustrated when I remember what I said here the other day.

Theres always a certain tactic that will work. Dont keep doing the same thing if its not happening, try something new. Pretty soon you find the right path or gun type and you'll say, why didn't I try that first?

I gotta say, N4G has bee awfully boring all weekend. I've been checking in occassionally and its just been dull, with no one really talking about anything interesting.
Seem everyones busy with Killzone. Anyone else notice the activity here has dropped off in the last couple of days?

xaphanze3579d ago

YES! Now go play KZ2 =D

Bathyj3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I would.

I'm only posting now because I'm at work and my Boss frowns upon me bringing my PS3 in. He doesn't even like me on the net, but he doesn't have to know everything does he?

xaphanze3579d ago

I'm also waiting to get my high speed connection next week to be able to play online :(. I've been missing alot :(.
I'm playing on hard as hell but I'm not dying that much. I guess my tactics work ^^

Bathyj3579d ago

Most places I dont die, but there are certain tough areas, like when you have to defend that section and the two heavy guys come down. It took me ages, but by the time I worked out what to do it seemed simple and I was kicking myself for making it so hard.

Still, its always challenging, one guy can always rush you and kill you with one well place rifle butt if you let him get close. I like that, that even a lowly soldier can easily take you out if you are not concentrating. It reminds me of Ninja Gaiden. You can take on 6 guys when you're in the zone, but let your mind wander and one guy can mess you up quick.

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