L.A. Noire Still PS3 Exclusive? Also Microsoft Makes Add-on Content Priority

Lost Planet 2 - Only On 360 wow
* PS3 Home Gets Better - Faster Loading, Warhawk Space, and more.
* Game Revew - Killzone 2 (MUST BUY)
* PSN surpasses xbox live - 20 MIL VS 17 MIL ONLINE GAMERS
* and much much more enjoy the show

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )






blackbeld3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

^^^^^^^ lol. PS3 Perfections.

SF4 CE is really good but game is sold out every shop in holland for PS3 version. Lucky me still fast enough for the game.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3550d ago

I meant 'Review' not 'Revew' ;-D
(Yes i copied it, i was/am to tired to write it down, i think i played 'KillZone 2' to much!!! ;-D My eyes and ears are going...)


has a show every day a couple episode's it sucks balls .

meepmoopmeep3550d ago

is that Cat ready to pop HHG's top off?


La Chance3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

That Lost Planet 2 trailer was graphically very impressive.

Its pretty clear now all those who were saying the 360 is maxed out are typical n4g idiots.Wonder what they're going to be saying now...

And as for LA Noire I feel its coming to 360.

All the silence around this "ps3 exclusive" reminds me of the silence around former ps3 exclusives such as Tekken 6 , FF13 and Star Ocean 4.

@pirate thom below : Yeah it looks that good.

If you watched the trailer in the interview at the end they guy (think it was the lead designer , cant remember exactly) confirms its all in game.

meepmoopmeep3550d ago

oh, the image is gone.

anyway, i'm still disappointed that Cat didn't bust a freestyle on the last show.
HHG should make it mandatory to have people rhyme.

imagine seeing Dev's freestyling? that would be awesome!

PirateThom3550d ago

Has the Lost Planet 2 trailer even been confirmed as in-game?

Because it certainly didn't look like it to me.

MAR-TYR-DOM3550d ago

is killzone 2 the best?
There's sand on the beach?
Am i retarded?
Does Hiphopgamer get all his news from N4G?


meepmoopmeep3550d ago

to be fair, HHG is mainly an article site.
but it's cool he goes to shows and interviews actual Devs.

king dong3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

the guy on the trailer confirmed it as in-game. also, watch the trailer, and when they get out of the boat, you can clearly see they are playing it!

also, the bit when they are fighting the monster, one player grapples up...all in game. looks great doesn't it?!

lachance: i wonder what they are all going to say aswell?? they'll probably find some way to down play it....or perhaps they'll start saying that gears2 look better!

although i dont know why they should. this will be on ps3/360. i cant see this being exclusive.

La Chance3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

And i dont think it will be exclusive too.Timed exclusive at the best unless Capcom after that Lost Planet port dont feel like "waisting" time or money on the PS3.But since DMC4 was as good on both consoles I dont think that'll be the case.

Trollimite3550d ago

is how to take ths good and the bad of whar he says. some things i dont agree with but some things i do.

atleast he isnt biased. if he was biased i would either hate him or love him,

the fact that im on the fence says alot

Awesome Possum3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

The xbox 360 has proably maxed out but there will be better looking games. That came out wrong due to typing on the psp king dong

king dong3550d ago

great bit of contradiction there.

clearly your not the sharpest tool in the box are you!

Doctor_Doom3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

This game was exclusive until they recently announced it for the 360 too

I hope Capcom optimize LP2 first to suit the 360 hardware for the better performance .. then they can ported if they want to any other system

Awesome Possum3550d ago

The way I said came out horrible yeah but I meant that the way it was maxed out was due to a physics engine not a graphics engine.

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

LOL He said MSFT is trying to make it seem Lost Planet 2 is only for the 360.

Has more to do with the game being a hit on the Xbox 360 platform *Lost Planet Colonies* didn't even release on the PS3 lol.
To tell you the truth I think Capcom wants to get the best product they can(allowed by 360 hardware) and are thinking is it worth bringing it to PS3 when the feedback is poor and so are/were the sales.

LA Noir is not PS3 exclusive and PSN numbers come from a lot of sources as if comparing a free service with a successful payed on makes sense or is something to be boasting lol.

DJ3550d ago

Which is perfectly fine for a multiplatform title.

PirateThom3550d ago

Dear Why Dis,

Stop talking about Lost Planet: Colonies, it wasn't a new game, it was a rerelease of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition with additional content. Released about a month after the PS3 version.

Lots of love,

Nelson M3550d ago

The Hiphopp Gamer Show
It's Great

ps3d03550d ago

L.A. Noire was announed months ago as be multi plat aka on the 360 too. Did people like completely miss that or something

MUNKYPOO3550d ago

la chance he says, "the trailer is almost entirely from real in-game footage"

@7:03 mark he talks about it

but its still pretty impressive if they can get it to look like that at the end

IzKyD13313550d ago

HHG gets his facts wrong again, PSN doesn't have 17 million users

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

They did this with the first game where they made a trailer from hud-less gameplay(turned the HUD off).
All the action is in-game/gameplay the boat scenes are fancy ingame cutscenes and the Mechs and fighters marching at the start of the trailer is Pre-rendered the rest of the fighting is hud-less gameplay just like what they did with Lost Planet when people thought it wasn't gameplay.

What I'm impressed with is, the gameplay(HUD-less) graphics/visuals are exactly the same as the In-game Boat cutscene. The graphics did not change when the men got of the boats. WOW

War Perfected3550d ago

Lost Planet 2 graphically impressive? LOL wow,I really do feel sorry for Xbox 360 owners!!

PS3istheshit3550d ago

hiphopgamer looks really gay in the beginning
i just lost more respect from him

IaMs123550d ago

Well PSN might have surpassed XBL. One thing tho, thats PSPs and PS3 combined. As well as at least everyone who owns a PS3 has made an account. On the Xbox hand, people are paying for that so, thats pretty impressive.

ThanatosDMC3550d ago

People are arguing that the Lost Planet 2 trailer was not in-game? Damn, play the first one first and it plays exactly the same and it looks somewhat the same graphically. They just polished it somewhat better... not with that "hazy" or blurry graphics cuz of the snow. The same is not so bad... but i cant say the say for RE5.

Also, for those that are impressed with the explosions. I'm not since the first game's explosions are practically the same.

Here's the first game with lots of explosions.

Danja3550d ago

I dont think LP2 will be exclusive..probably Timed Exclusive..but the 1st game wasn't that great IMO....

I also dis-agree bout DLC is M$ answer to Blu Ray are u kiidin I should pay $10-20 for content that should have been in the game day 1 , but isn't all because of storage probs ?? I'll pass

and PSN / XBL is equal right now... that's my opinion neither have no edge over the other because they both have things that the other doesn't have...personally PSN is better ..

and KZ2 is the shiat best FPS ever ..yes it is...

Argento-Nox3550d ago

@1.2 La Chance

Lost PS3 exclusives like 360's Eternal Sonata, Enchanted Arms, Dead Rising and Bioshock, right?

DaTruth3550d ago

"Its pretty clear now all those who were saying the 360 is maxed out are typical n4g idiots."

Didn't know Cliffy B was a member on N4G. If you remember, Cliffy B said Gears 2 maxed the 360. I guess Volition Devs are also on N4G, cause they also said they maxed it.

furymasterzero3550d ago

God, I wish they would just not post here. That was the most idiotic intro of all time...

Parappa The Rappa3549d ago

....Kidz Bop Gamer. And yes, I thought of that insult all by myself. Which automatically puts me leaps and bounds above HHG, whose ryhmes are taken from REAL artists.

Anyway.... i usually dont make it thru these "shows". Whats even worse, I watch these when I get bored at work---and by the end of them, I'm usually praying that my Boss will come yell at me and give me something to do.

gaffyh3549d ago

Isn't Polyphony Digital part of Sony? i.e. 1st party, NOT 2nd party

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jack who3550d ago

L.A. Noire been

TheColbertinator3550d ago

Vaporware most likely.Take 2 did not even mention anything on it in 2008.

As for LA Noire,it was already announced multi-platform long ago

War Perfected3550d ago

L.A. Noire canned? Nah,Alan Wait canned? Yah!!

lord_of_balrogs3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

" PSN surpasses xbox live - 20 MIL VS 17 MIL ONLINE GAMERS "

20 millions total users for the PS3, PSP, and computer since the service began vs 17 million active users. That means they've logged on that account in the past 3 months. I bet Live has more if you count the total number of accounts like Sony is doing.

Hiphopgamer is trash, I ain't giving him hits for his flamebait titles.

Karum3550d ago

LIVE doesn't have 17 million active users. There are 17 million Live accounts, of which nothing like most of them are gold accounts. By the same account nowhere near all of those PSN accounts are active online gamers.

JOLLY13550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

First off you are correct about 50% of them are Gold Live users. You are way off about the sony users though. See when Microsoft talks about their numbers, they say "Xbox Live users." When sony talks about their numbers, they say "online sony users" That includes every psn name you have on your ps3 any psn name you have on your ps2, your psp, or all of the fake accounts you have on the playstation website. So you are telling me that all of those are being used all of the time? Seriously?

DJ3550d ago

PS2 online is a separate, dead network that they really don't want to talk about. Also, if someone has a PS3 and buys a PSP (or vice versa) they simply use the same PSN account.

It's fortunate though that Sony is able to deliver PSN to both console and handheld gamers. Microsoft promised to do this with Xbox Live (remember Live Anywhere?), but hasn't delivered on that promise yet.

Karum3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Umm, no that isn't what I'm saying lol.

Sony have said there are like 20 million PSN accounts, do I think anywhere near all of them or even 80% are active online gamers? Not at all. I personally account for 2 of those 20 million, I use my EU account as my main account on my PS3 and use the same account on my PSP. Most of my friends also account for at least 2 of those users with an EU/NA account, one has a JP account also.

Basically I said the same thing about PSN accounts as I did about gold memberships.

JOLLY13550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

You are correct I can't paint my car in Forza on my cell phone. I can however send messages to Xbox Live friends. I can even purchase content for games on my cell phone. I am not sure if that is what you were talking about, but it seems like my 360 and my phone do work together. There are still thousands.....of people playing ps2 and you don't think sony would want to count them? That is pretty funny dj. Now onto the psp-ps3 thing. You can have the same account, but a lot of people don't. As a matter of a fact there are tons of people that have 3 ps3 account (one per region) then they have a separate account on there psp, because they got it before their ps3. It was a good try and a comeback, it just fell a bit short.

*edit* My bad Karum, thanks for the clarification.

Max Power3550d ago

Sony say they have 20 million "active" accounts?

JD_Shadow3550d ago

You...didn't read that press release then that Sony gave that claim in, did you?

And disagree with him. That's fine, but why do you have to go into this "ban him now" mode? Just say you disagree and then move on with life. I don't get how this concept is so hard for people to grasp.

HDgamer3550d ago

Not just the people who play online but other people who actually buy stuff from the PSN stores.

caffman3550d ago

and 1 xbox gold account so repeat that a few times.........

DelbertGrady3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

17 million out of a 28 million install base or 20 million(of which many are duplicates) out of a 70 million install base. Which is most impressive?

Parappa The Rappa3549d ago

Why would you count anything beyond active accounts?

Does Yahoo or MS count the billions of old and inactive accounts for their email services?

Thats also like saying there are 100 billion people on the planet, but only 6 billion are active(as in not buried and dead).

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DelbertGrady3550d ago

She's at the hospital. She was declared braindead after being exposed to Hiphopgamer last week.