8K4K: The future of HD

How a new HD technology called Super Hi-Vision (aka 8K4K) is starting to make its mark

A TV technology 16 times more powerful than HDTV.

Called Super Hi-Vision (and often known as 8K4K or Ultra HD), the system has been developed by Japan's national broadcaster, NHK, and the same engineers who worked on the original Hi-Vision (hi-def) tech in the 1980s.

NHK's Super Hi-Vision Ultra high-definition TV system – to give its full name – is built around images with a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel resolution, equating to roughly 33 megapixels. The current pinnacle of hi-def, Full HD, measures just over two megapixels.

It's a huge jump, but there's more. Alongside these super-sharp images is a 22.2-channel audio system that uses banks of speakers on three levels, strung across the entire length of the 10m x 5m screen installed at NHK's Tokyo labs.

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Sibs3548d ago

This tech would be useless in anything smaller than 52", but amazing and drool-worthy nonetheless.

Firestorm3548d ago

I hope ps4 can do that resolution at 240 frames per sec on 4 screens.