Nintendo Vs. Pirates: Fighting an Industry Wide Problem

"Tired of international piracy, Nintendo has created a list of countries around the world that continue to deny necessary and effective protection of video game products. Countries that made the list include Paraguay, China, Korea, Mexico, Spain and Brazil. Nintendo has labeled these countries as areas where piracy runs rampant and has asked the United States to take further steps to combat its spread."

"The true problem with piracy is that it robs profits from developers, publishers, and manufacturers that need said money to continue operation. If less money is available for a games production, the quality of the title suffers. In the end, it is the gamers themselves that suffer along with the companies whose products are being pirated."

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TheTimeDoctor3548d ago

still no piracy on the ps3 front

Elven63548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Not exactly, people have been ripping Blu Ray games for the PS3 since launch IIRC, not sure if their is a way to play them back on the PS3 though, didn't they run a hello world script on it in 07?

Edit: DCEMU has a few hacks (downgraders, exploits,etc) although I haven't looked into them much.

gameplayingfool3548d ago

That piracy is a problem for industry and all companies have cause to worry. I wish that gamers would realize that the strength and quality of the industry is ultimately in their hands. Their honesty and high expectations will force game developers to put out only the best products and will simultaneously provide them with the monetary resources to do so.

If only we lived in a perfect world.