The Top 10 PC Game News Events Of February 2009

February may be the shortest month of the year but it's turned out to be a huge one for PC gaming news. From the reveal of a long awaited sci-fi RPG sequel to the launch of a browser-based FPS to the delay of one of the most anticipated titles of the year, gamers were kept on their toes with lots of major and sometimes unexpected news.

Now that February is over Big Download wanted to look back and remind both themselves and you about what the big events of the month were like. You may disagree over some of their choices and that's OK. However all of the news items they picked will likely have effects, both big and small, that will be felt for a while.

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DeadlyFire3546d ago

Wanted game in the top 10 news? Wha?

Why not Intel @ GDC in its place. Larrabee & Offset game to be revealed in March both by Intel. That isn't news? Its bigger than the Wanted Game. Intel is coming up with its own API to battle DirectX/Open GL. That isn't news? Come on people.