PS3 SuperCar Challenge Beta keys

EDIT: The old post from the blog was deleted so all comments were deleted to - so if you posted a comment to get a code yesterday could you please write this again. Sorry :(

Over at the EU PS3 Blog Unofficial they are giving away some beta keys to take part in the PS3 SuperCar Challenge Closed Beta Test.

All you have to do is write no more than 25 words, in the comments box after the link, about why you think you should participate in the Beta.

Note: This Beta test is only open to EU Residents

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Bloodshedder3549d ago

im already on the beta but i havent received my jey

PS3istheshit3549d ago

i wrote a comment on this before and now its gone
how do i get it back cuz i cant remember all of it

carter203465d ago

please can i have a beta key , i really love racing games and this looks to be as good as ferrari challenge which i loved , i have been in alot of betas and provide good feedback thanks