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Killzone 2 sets news standards in graphics, level design and multiplayer. While it lacks in the story department, it makes up for it with pure adrenalin filed action. If you own a PS3 buy this game. If you don't own a PS3 you need to get one and buy this game. It simply is a game that can't be missed.

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reincarnated3551d ago

another outstanding score!.. anyone else not surprised?

Agent VX3551d ago

OK, I am quite tired of these amateur reviewers saying this is the pinnacle of graphics... LOL!!! What a tard!!!

Crysis has better graphics than this easily, so please to all you amateur reviewers, it is the best in "consoles", not the best ever.

The game is very good, but has nothing new. The aiming is something to be desired, and the online has some major issues right now, hopefully getting fixed as we speak. But online is quite fun when you can get on a game, but doesn't have the COD 4 fun and addiction factor.

Overall, a very solid FPS, but too many other great games to play right now for this title to get much play.

PotNoodle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Agent VX

Everything you just said made no sense at all and stinks of jealousy. Seriously, what issues? The game has been running pretty much perfectly besides the two times when they took the servers down.

Seriously, get a clue. Online, this is the best FPS i have played on a console - i have 1 day and 3 hours online time ALREADY.

Stop talking as if you actually own the game, or infact own a PS3 because the fact you said "But online is quite fun when you can get on a game" says otherwise, because there is no problems with getting on a game.

Holy sh*t, people like you annoy me.

TheColbertinator3551d ago

Thats why I enjoy having many systems,AgentVX.Right now some outstanding games and solid games are arriving this month and the next.After Killzone 2 pulls me in,I will have to check out Resident Evil 5 and Empire:Total War in the next few weeks.

callahan093551d ago

Agent VX:

I have a high-quality gaming rig and I've played Crysis and Warhead at high settings, and I think Killzone 2 looks better. Crysis can have some absolutely astonishing realism in stills, but it doesn't look as nice in animation, but that's besides the point. It just doesn't have an intriguing art style or creative design. Killzone 2's world designs are amazing in their complexity and detail. Crysis has a wide-open island with plants and some shacks here and there, and, while those things looks realistic, are incredibly boring because there's no variety, there's no complexity, and the lighting is very basic: the lighting effects in Killzone 2 alone catapult it into a graphical stratosphere that Crysis can't possibly catch up to when you're talking about the game that's most attractive to look at and the most engrossing world to play in.

solideagle13551d ago

man y do u hate this game? i have been following u in recent comments and man u are like but(t) of nasim. i mean u r 360 he is PS3 and u are opposite of him so u see where i m going. :P no hard feelings bro

ChampIDC3551d ago

Personally, my issue with KZ2's graphics is the colors. Crysis is a vibrantly colored game. The brown and grey of KZ2 leaves a sour taste in my mouth, just like all other games that stick to such a dull pallette. It does work well for the atmosphere of the game, but I still prefer colors.

Anyway, people make way too much of a deal about crisp graphics. Art direction takes preference over graphics to me any day.

solidt123551d ago

This is seriously the best game I have ever played period. No bias at all just simply the best. It like the first time I played Gears 1 times 100. If you like First person shooters and don't get this game you are missing the best FPS ever made period. It seems like a game like this wouldn't be able to get pulled off for another 6-7 years but it is out now. I am so wowed.

callahan093551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Actually, Champ, Killzone 2 is very vibrantly colored. The game is set in a war zone on a dark planet with a very hostile atmosphere that's commonly experiencing electrical storms, and so the colors aren't your Katamari bright pinks and blues and greens and yellows, but, rest assured, those colors are all present. The vibrant blues of the lightning flashes, the yellow glow of an incandescent light bulb, the orange muzzle flash from your firearm's discharge, the green hue in the grimy surfaces, red blood, the white at the center of a powerful explosion, etc. . . The lighting in this game is top-notch and adds a colorful vibrancy to almost every frame of every level (the sole exception, unfortunately, is the first level, which is by far the least interesting, least colorful, least vibrant, and most mundane of all the levels, and yet it's the one that everybody has seen or played in the demo!)

If you want interesting artistic design, then Killzone 2 is your game; Crysis can't even come close to competing on this level with its mundane environments, cookie-cutter shanties, and mile after mile of same-old same-old plants and trees. Crysis is the most realistic looking game out there, but it's artistic design, variety, lighting, and complexity are pretty darn low in comparison to KZ2.

na2ru13551d ago

retail copy better than review copy.

Microsoft Xbox 3603551d ago

Agent VX, we all know Crysis wins hands down, but they are not talking about the PC. Strictly consoles here and Killzone 2 blows everything away. K2 is the graphical console king.

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omodis4203551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

How very very true.

Blade Runner3551d ago

I have had my 60 gig PS3 since launch and have waited ever since for for this game. But the controls for lack of a more discriptive work "Suck!". Yeah I have read about how GG wanted a weighted feel to their guns and that you just need to get used to it comments. I have tried the Alt 2 control and moving up the x axis one click to get a better feel. Yeah this just brought the suck feeling down one notch. GG says we want to give the player the feeling of true life carrying a real gun. Uh correct me if I am wrong but this is a Sci fi game right? So lets make the it so the enemy can fire pin point accurate shots while I move my 20lbs gun into an area near where they are. Here is what I think. I think the PS3 can't handle the quick reaction of the control input on a game requesting so much from the SPE as it stands now. Great Graphics, Good AI, Destructive inviroment, lighting, Suround sound, I feel the Centeral CPU can't handle all that is thrown at it form the 6 SPE's and the controls take the hit. And GG is using this as an excuse for real life control feel. Yeah ok...So I took the game back to GAME STOP and got my money back. I will now either wait for word on a pacth or wait to play COD MW2.
P.S. If I was not correct on my feelings then why is this game getting so much buzz for poor contorls. Think about it.

Dissidia3551d ago

you're the one that sucks..?

PirateThom3551d ago

It's not "poor controls", it's "different controls". A lot of gamers ask for something different, then when they get it, they complain.

This game is not a twitch shooter. Far too many people come off Halo or Call of Duty and suck, while I pick them off enemies (both on and offline) with ease because Auto aim has ruined their abilty to hit targets. And I love it.

The_Zeitgeist3551d ago

I think someone has daddy issues.

heyheyhey3551d ago

are you going to post the same thing in every article or what? now im sure your just a trolling noob

L-a-i-n3551d ago

It is clear you never wanted Killzone 2 to begin with. You wanted a COD4 clone. When you play games with un-realistic controls you will have a problem playing things with substance to them. Those who can adapt are real gamers. Those that can't well we will not miss the people that complain. Auto aim is the bane of the FPS! People that can't play without it well i'll put your name to the latest Head Shot count. (And I suck at FPS) I just enjoy playing them.

solidjun53551d ago

Look, you can have constructive criticism of the game and that's fine. However, look at your posting history and you can deduce that you're doing this for sh!ts and giggles. IF you do own the game and you don't like, fine. Go play COD4 and have your fun, while we'll have ours.

By the way, I have a question for the rest of you guys. I'm still adjusting to the controls, but what's the functionality of the x and y inverting thingy (forgot the name...still at work)? Also, I'm getting kills but I keep overshooting a bit with the controls when I'm aiming. Any tips for a noob like me to get better? I appreciate the help.

Blitzed3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

This is the third KZ2 thread in an hour you've copied and pasted that comment. F*ck off troll. You've commented on this site about 5 times in the last year and all of a sudden ....

You guys are a joke, what do you really hope to accomplish?

thor3551d ago

I never played CoD4 on a console. Going from CoD4 on PC to Killzone 2 on PS3 was the same kind of jump as to any other console shooter. I just need to get used to it. I play some games with inverted y-axis, others without. In Warhawk I needed to turn the sensitivity right up but then it takes some getting used to. I did get used to it.

I would say that console controls are inadequate anyway, but since you're playing against tuned AI/other players with the SAME control scheme it doesn't matter. You just get used to the controls and those with more skill do better. I honestly wouldn't mind if left were right and up were down for movement - because I could get used to it. In fact, inverted y-axis is just that.

The way it is played is to arc round, aim your gun at a target, fire and then move on to the next target. Without such weighty controls, the gameplay style changes. I could tell how the controls were going to be when I watched gameplay footage for the first time.

I don't get why people feel the need to switch to alt. 2 either, but the option's there. I just get on and learn it.

cliffbo3551d ago

so you acknowledge every other fantastic feature of KZ2 and think it can't handle the controls because of it... LOLOL... that is the most ridiculous thing i have read here for ages

Sheddi3551d ago

My settings are Alt 2, Y axis is set to 0, and my X axis is 1-2 bars, cant remember. This is because when u aim at distance u can aim more precisely.
There is no aim-help in this game, u either got skills or not or can get better :P

Arkrite3551d ago

if u invert it it'll make ur character look up when u pull the stick back and look down when u push up on the stick

Blitzed3551d ago

I had the same problem at first. I went to the Alt 2 controls but that is awkward to peak and aim throught the site when in cover so I went back to the Standard 1. I am good with that scheme now, it just takes practice, thats all. I know some that have turned up the sensitivity and liked it, and others that turned it down. I think it really is just a matter of getting used to it. Once i set my mind to a control scheme I began having success pretty quickly.

The only other advice I can give at this point is (unlike other FPS) dont spray gunfire as the recoil really reduces your aim; crack just a few rounds at a time and use your cover (in the campain).

omodis4203551d ago

Wow this is going back to basics

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