Amazing screenshots of AA3

The amazing new screenshots shows the incredible detail, shadows and lighting in America's Army 3. Enjoy!

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thesithfreak2884d ago

is it me or are games that i use to think look good suddenly not impressive after playing killzone 2. still cool though i suppose

krouse932884d ago

Yea same here when my brother wanted to play his game after i played Killzone 2 other games looked like meh.

fermcr112884d ago Show
Freak of Nature2884d ago

Wait a second.....Since when did they move April fool's day to March 1st?...

Those shots are generic,run of the mill.

Tarasque2884d ago

You guys are seriously a joke....No i mean seriously. But what is really funny is all the sh1t i used to hear about how good Socom looked when these screens look just as good if not better, but they just look meh. I swear i wouldn't know what to do without this site and it's fanboys i get great laughs everyday of week....Good times....truly good times. Keep up the good works peep's.

TresTrendu2884d ago

I agree after playing Killzone 2 it is just not the same playing any other game. I mean the controls are so fluid and responsive in pretty much every other game i realize how bad the controls are in killzone 2.

LazyDevs2884d ago

If there was a such thing as a "KILLZONE DONG" the first 2 posters would be on it that's for sure. I am sorry that such an average game made you look at every other game even worse.

Bathyj2884d ago

Its like, after I slept with Jessica Alba, I wouldn't give normal girls the time of day. Seriously, buy your own watch.

ChampIDC2884d ago

I just can't wait until people stop comparing everything to Killzone. "Mom, my bagel looks more realistic than Killzone!"
"Just eat your bagel, Jimmy..."

Bathyj2884d ago

Well how do you think we feel, with everything being compared to Halo and Gears, and they're not even that good?

Talk about a low, high water mark.

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M337ING2884d ago

Amazing for a free game.

Snoogins2884d ago

How is this game free exactly? UE3 licensing fees + production and developmental costs = $$$. But who's money? Is this from some generous donor or is it funded by the US Army (I'm asking because I'm genuinely interested to know who's paying for it)? If this multi-million project is funded by the US Army, who is ultimately funded by tax-payer money, then that means we, the tax-payers, are paying for it. Money that would be much better suited going into national health-care, education or other things we need more than an average shooter. Any little bit helps. Just food for thought.

On topic: as I commented on the previous article about AA3's "amazing" screenshots, there's nothing spectacular about these first-generation graphics on an out-dated tech.

Ghoul2884d ago


AA is funded and invented by the american army
its a recruitement game to amaze young amaericans for the arms, ffs there is even a "go army" button when you start the game that links you to the recruitment page of the army.

I hate this game to the bone.

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Ghoul2884d ago

Americas Army is the worst atempt to lure young americans into the army.


i hate this recruitment software

ChampIDC2884d ago

Yeah, I gotta agree with you on that one, but it was still fun to play when it first came out.

Counter_ACT2884d ago

Screenshots of standard graphics bland environments. How are they "amazing"?

ChampIDC2884d ago

Because some people don't know how to use objective titles for their article submissions.

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