NowGamer: The Godfather II PS3 Preview


"The game is played, as before, from a dynamic third-person action perspective much in the same way as Grand Theft Auto. Where Godfather II really starts to buck the trend, though, is through the game's tactical map. Zooming out of the gameplay in order that the flow remains unbroken, the map appears outwardly to resemble a citywide version of the classic board game Risk. Rackets and other business interests under your control are highlighted with icons in your family's colour with other colours representing the competition. As well as showing what type of business is at each location, the icon also shows the strength of its protection in the form of a mobster count. Taking over another family's businesses is a highly strategic affair. Do you go in yourself? Or send in a bunch of henchmen while you attend to other things? Do you risk leaving another of your rackets unprotected? Or is there greater risk in sending in a smaller force that could potentially be destroyed. Hiring, firing, promoting and building the might of your mob muscle now plays an essential part in securing victory."

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