GDC: Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote address(Live Report)

At 18.30 GMT (10.30 PST), Nintendo's creative legend Shigeru Miyamoto will be taking the stage to address the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and eurogamer will be providing our customary Live Text coverage of the keynote.

As with Sony's presentation yesterday, this is the first time Nintendo has had a chance to set out its stall in public since the launch of Wii - but unlike Sony, Nintendo has managed to keep a tight lid on the content of Miyamoto's speech, so frankly they don't have a clue what he's going to talk about.

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Violater4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Reading the live blog, either this person needs to blog faster or i need to relax.

PS360WII4274d ago

Yeah I'm reading it live too. It's looking like it's going to be a tight lipped Nintendo news day. He's just talking about his on goings of what he did and where's it going sort of thing :(

PS360WII4274d ago

All that and all they really announced was Mario Galaxy will be out this year...

anthonsh4274d ago

Mario Galaxy is coming this year. And I think he said there is a new Mii - related channel coming.

Violater4274d ago

How many times did he mention his wife?

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