Games32: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box PC Review

Games32 writes: "Since Burnout 3, Criterion entered in the hall of fame of arcade racing developers, creating a product that combines the easiness of an arcade with a spectacular concept based on objectives referring to crashes and takedowns. A damage system has been present from the beginning in the series along with a dynamic camera which was able to capture amazing scenes while playing. Once with the original Burnout Paradise release, the developers took the decision to recreate from the ground the Burnout concept and to create a true next-gen game. In order to stay on top of the selling charts they borrowed some mainstream elements such as the use of a virtual area where the player is able to roam freely, and a fully integrated multiplayer mode with easy access. But they kept the quality level high by preserving and modifying some of the recognizable features of the franchise: the reworked damage system, a live replay system, and the takedown maneuvers."

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