GayGamer: Prince Of Persia: The Fallen King Review


"Perhaps, it is best to summarize all of this by stating that The Fallen King is years ahead of its time in terms of design, a product of its time graphically, but unfortunately held back by technical limitations and not yet perfected gesture recognition. During the game's smoothest sequences, the Prince leaps, bounds, and strikes enemies with an ease and flow that its console big brother wishes it could mimic. Sadly, the game's low points of control intricacies and quirks will anger most players beyond the point of return. The resulting experience is one that will push many away but will be a game that a few will be able to intensely cherish. Because of this Mirror's Edge-like divide, add a point to my score if you are capable of seeing past a game's obvious flaws to see its "inner beauty," otherwise subtract a point."

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