Tweak Vista for maximum gaming performance


"Windows Vista was heralded by its creators as being a speedy operating system. However, it didn't take long for users to realise that Vista's performance was generally no better than Windows XP, and in many cases was actually worse.

Working with a PC that isn't performing to its maximum potential can be a frustrating experience, but this is particularly true if the machine is used for gaming. But there are a huge number of tweaks that can be applied to help make working with Vista less exasperating."

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Perjoss3580d ago

or save yourself the hassle and just keep using XP

JsonHenry3579d ago

Nah, DX10 with 8gigs of RAM and no pagefile (no writing files to the HDD!!!) is fantastic on Vista x64.

velaxun3579d ago

have any of you guys even used vista or are you just b!tching cuz everyone else is and you think you're an elitist or pro gamer cuz you're using XP? Fact of the matter is, if you have new hardware Vista runs fine. like the guy above me said, my 64bit version of vista runs games faster than XP did ON THE SAME MACHINE. And the Windows 7 beta is even faster than that. don't comment unless you actually use Vista.

And don't come back saying "i work in a dev studio/pc repair/wallaballo0 and they downgraded from vista becuz it's sloooow"

thereapersson3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Step one: Buy a copy of XP Pro

Step two: Uninstall VistAids from your PC

Step three: Install XP Pro

Step four: Enjoy your newly-released system resources and gaming stability.

Seriously, Vista SUCKS. Games that I can play just fine on my XP machine, my friend has trouble with on his Vista machine. He can't even play Diablo II properly because it has incompatibilities with Vista. WTF?

uie4rhig3579d ago

its three short steps.. get XP, remove Vista, Install XP.. easy as fvck!!

uie4rhig3579d ago

easy as fvck, they have never done it and think its hard lolololol

FordGTGuy3580d ago

4 GB of Ram, 3.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo, GTX 260 2nd Generation with Vista Home Premium and can play Crysis in 1680x1050 with max filters and at high settings no problem.

Perjoss3579d ago

"and at high settings no problem"

congrats, but i run it on VERY high setting under XP just fine.

FordGTGuy3579d ago

I meant the highest settings no hiccups. Everything on very high and all filters on full.

JsonHenry3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

You run it high on XP, but you don't get DX10 under XP. Therefore you are incapable of saying that you run the game maxed out.

**edit - yes, you can DX10 with a file hack under XP. I was attempting to be a snob but failed. : (

If you have less than 4gigs of RAM use a copy of XP. If you have a dual core system with 6gigs+ you can run it just fine under Vista x64

free2game3653578d ago

To all of those people saying switch over to XP, you must not have a lot of memory or realize how much worse XP 64 is than Vista 64.