ITReviewed: Burnout Paradise : Ultimate Box PC Review

ITReviewed writes: "Burnout Paradise completely reinvents the Burnout series, which you'll either love or hate. Developed from the ground up, Burnout Paradise is played in an open world that lets you drive along any roads you like - it even includes realistic day and night cycles! Records are even kept on players' drivers licences and there are statistics such as fastest time and biggest crash for every street in the game.

Unlike in previous Burnout games, Crash Mode, now called Showtime, can now be started at any time and place in the game; though Showtime mode is rather different from the usual Crash Mode. Also, for races, you may now take any route to get to the destination. Races and other events are simply started by stopping at any of the 120 traffic lights around Paradise City and applying the accelerator and brake at the same time."

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