Jak, Socom and Ape Academy heading for the PlayStation 3?

It seems Jak, Socom and Ape Academy are heading for the PlayStation 3. During the demonstration of PlayStation Home, a huge database of logo's from developers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Sega and games like Killzone, Gran Turismo, LocoRoco and The Getaway, you can also see the logo's of Socom, Jak and Ape Academy.

There has been some rumors about Jak on the PS3 because Sony registered the trademark Jak & Daxter's Lost Frontier, but since may last year, we haven't heard anything about it. Socom should also come to the PS3, although there wasn't an official word yet. There hasn't been a word about Ape Academy, so this could be all new and an little surprise. Check the source link below for screenshots.

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sajj3163910d ago

if true ... but just might be a good old teaser. Heck, I've been waiting for Gambit to make an appearance in one of the X-Men movies but they've teased me to death, so I don't care anymore. FYI, they teased it again in X-3!!

kingboy3910d ago

I [email protected] want me some nextgen socom real bad..Jak is so [email protected] too..come on sony say something

techie3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

What's the difference between Ratchet and Jak gameplay wise? The last two Ratchet and Jak games got 9.6 on IGN...maybe I should get them...which is better?

I like platformers...but I want something more than a double jump (God of War disappointed me there) So which is better for that?

kingboy3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

They`r both awesome games but jak will appeal more to an older audience given the fact that it`s usually very challenging especially the second game in the series.The last Ratchet game was really nasty too with reference to weapon's implemented in the game and plenty action.If u waiting on a good adventure game for both adults and kids ,try SLy Cooper ahh! that one

DJ3910d ago

I recommend the Jak series.
Jak 1- not much story, but awesome gameplay.
Jak 2- very story-driven, and while the gameplay is amazing it also requires a lot of skill.
Jak 3- the best one for both categories.

XS3910d ago

SOCOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil bush3910d ago

deep, i think r&c is really cool and im sure you would like that one the best out of the 2.

lilwingman3910d ago

I haven't played Jak, but I've played through all the R&C's a bunch of times, and they're phenomenal games.

techie3910d ago

Right I've been reading reviews. And Jak 3 has an amazing story, great gaming and platforming options with lots of diversity, best graphics, but is only a 12hour single-player game (85% on gamerankings - and a AAA title can't get 8reviews!). Ratchet 3 has cool platforming, an online mode and the single-player may last upto 20hours (92% on Gamerankings)... So maybe I'll just wait for their next-gen offspring...

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The story is too old to be commented.