Empire: Tom Clancys H.A.W.X Review

Empire writes: "Cleverly blending the wartime tales woven by EndWar and Ghost Recon, the latest game inspired by Tom Clancy's testosterone-fuelled fiction takes the fight to the skies and is the closest to Top Gun most console players will ever come."

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vmanj3575d ago

the only thing tht concernz me is tht it is way to easy to dodge a missile because in assistance off mode u can dodge everything plus u have 5 or so flarez...

other than tht im loving every bit of the demo...cya guyz online

creamydingle3575d ago

What a lousy review it seems to me he has not played the full game only the demo. Before I decide ill wait for some decent reviews.

newneto3575d ago

I will get and blow my city Rio down!

poindat3575d ago

I need to pick this up at some point. The demo was a blast and looks to be the new Ace Combat, which was a really great series, at least on the last gen consoles.

Elven63575d ago

Although I will be buying this review regardless because the Tom Clancy series is solid, this review isn't very indepth...