Sometimes the Truth Is Hard to Hear

The last time Nintendo had solid third party support was the 16 bit generation. The company has survived on the strength of their internal franchises, third party support has been next to nothing. Granted Nintendo has not been in a position of strength in the console race since then but still did you really expect something different with the Wii?

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ChickeyCantor3548d ago

His point is not making any sense LMAO.
He first goes off about Wii owners that shouldn't be b/tching about lack of software and then he is claiming there are no "core" gamers on the system by showing flawed comparisons. LoL.

If this guy wants to believe no software is selling on the Wii, fine, but he should at least do a better research job.

hatchimatchi3548d ago

but the guy does have a point. I had only the wii for about 2 years, and then when i came back from deployment i went out and bought a ps3 cause of the extra money i had. I have 20 ps3 game so far next to my 8 wii game. There is nothing to play on the wii that is worth buying. Its a terrible system for games. the last game i got was wario land shake it and i didnt even beat that cause its such a dumbed down platformer. The wii is a disaster when it comes to pleasing it's core support.

rockleex3548d ago

I only had 15 PS2 games. For the PS1 era, I only had like 10 games.

For consoles, I always went with Sony because I knew the games I wanted would be there.

But I've only had my PS3 for less than two years, and I already have 24 PS3 games! O_O They also cost more than PS2 games did back in the day.

If I include PSN games, it would total up to more than 30 games. Sony is doing something right this generation. ^_^

Although most people like to compare the PS3's total sales to 360's total sales, they forget that the PS3 come out a year later. And comparing the PS3 to the Wii is just not logical. They both cater to different MAIN audiences.

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago

"And comparing the PS3 to the Wii is just not logical. They both cater to different MAIN audiences."

I disagree with this sentiment for two reasons, Nintendo has never changed it's target audience and they've always been regarded as targetting the same audiences during the PS1 and PS2 gens and my second point is no one would be saying that if the PS3 was beating it(or the 360 for that matter).

somekindofmike3548d ago

I had only the Wii for a year, and games like Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero, Mario Strikers etc all kept me amused but in the end I wanted Burnout, Call of Duty 4 GTA4 as well. at the moment the PS3 is flooded with shooters, and the wii is flooded with the complete opposite, it's quite good to have both as I get a good mix of gaming! I play Okami on Wii, and Killzone on PS3, To Paper Mario, to Oblivion. All good games. However if I were to choose only one console, It would be an easy decision,

ZuperAmazingCooKie3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Shooters? Folklore, Heavenly Sword, MGS4 (Tactical Espionage Action), Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Valkyria Chronicles say hi. Even Uncharted is not a FPS, and it's also part adventure game part puzzle-solving game. Warhawk isn't your typical FPS or TPS either. Hell there are tons of multiplatform non-Wii games on PS3 that aren't shooters like Devil May Cry, GTA4, Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter 4, and other games you mentioned. That doesn't even account for all the PSN games or the games that are coming out soon that won't go to Wii.

"Mostly shooters", what Killzone, Resistance 1&2 and COD4? "Mostly" to me would be 90%, not 25%. Besides, the shooting genre(s) have expanded a lot this gen because they have brought a lot of new gameplay elements to the table. So to consider all FPS or all shooters as equal is foolish.

ChampIDC3548d ago

Ignorance is bliss, eh?

somekindofmike3548d ago

@ ZuperAmazingCooKie

Hey Captain Defensive, I'm not PS3 hasn't got a good range of games, the point being the the PS3 is good for certain types of games, and what the PS3 hasn't got the Wii has, what the wii hasn't got the PS3 has.

The fact even when you were trying to point out the PS3's good none shooter games... you still mention games with a high amount of gun combat in... Metal Gear Solid 4 is more Shooter than Stealth (compared to Metal Gear Solid 1) Warhawk, is air combat, and Uncharted is basically a third person shooter. with a bit of exploration and platform play.

Calm down a second, i wasn't trying to attack your console of choice, in fact the PS3 is my console of choice! but obviously something I said struck a nerve with you.

gumgum993548d ago

"The group of gamers whom the industry likes to call the "hardcore" gamers do not only own a Wii."

Is there any statistics to prove this statement? Simply jumping to conclusions based on the popular perception of the Wii, is a fallacy, and only shows how biased you are as a gamer.

The Wii does have some good games. I wouldn't recommend owning only a Wii, but if that's all you can afford, it does do justice to its price; especially this year.

Enigma_20993548d ago

... but I strongly think that one way people will start looking at the Wii differently is for Nintendo to come up with another controller option... and hope that no one puts a bug in some obscure company's ear to sue them to take it off the market... AGAIN.

Motion control is pretty innovative in games... but I'm sure that there are a lot of developers that wish they could just program for a regular controller. And do they all just forget about the nunchuck?

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago

I'm sure they can, I'm sure the option is there to develop for the Gamecube pad and to some extent the classic controller the problem is that many developers want to use motion contols and it would cause difficulties to implement both a motion version and a non-motion version.

ChaoticStupid3548d ago

The Classic controller has the exact same amount of buttons as a PS3 or 360 controller. Been available since day one and if devs want to they can use it for their Wii games instead of motion sensing controls on the Wii remote. Why would they need to bring a product out that they already have on the market??

Is it just me or does it prove how wrong this article is when the only people that agree with it seem to have little understanding on the subject?

Enigma_20993548d ago

... someone tell the devs that there are other options if they can'get the hang of motion controls...

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