XCM's improved d-pad will make your 360 controller ready for Street Fighter

It looks like there is no real need to buy a new controller to enjoy Street Fighter IV on the 360, as XCM's controller shell seems to do the job well enough with its improved d-pad. If that wasn't enough, the controller also lights up after installing the product. Check out the video review below, while more details on the product are available at

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nice_cuppa3552d ago

i will take two please !

Le Idiotce3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Trying to perform shoryukens but Ryu kept jumping forward and got pwned by Blanka.

Yes, only on 360.

With PS3 no such trouble needed. It comes with rumble and SIXAXIS.

SF4 and Tekken, best played on PS3 by a long shot.

Fact is that the controls on the 360 for SF4 are HOR-RI-BLE. Its no wonder how all the reviews for this game, were based on the PS3 version. But look at what the biased reviewers did. They didnt deduct points on the 360 version. If the situation was reversed, we all know PS3 would have gotten 1 point lower just because.

Foxgod3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

you officially suck then, i never jump forward when doing a dragon punch or a fireball, i can even pull off Zangiefs spinning piledriver, and his spinning lariat with ease.

And they also didnt deduct the 360 version because there are alternatives in the form of a fight stick and a fightpad, but again, it really isnt so hard to use the 360 controller, it takes some adjustment, thats all.

boodybandit3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I own both the PS3 and 360 version of SFIV and I fall some where in the middle with the 360 D pad. I don't think it's horrible but I definitely find it inadequate for fighting games.

If I am fooling around with friends that aren't that good at fighters to begin with it then the 360 version with a standard pad is no big deal. When I compete in online ranked matches I go on PSN. I am waiting on a couple madcatz controllers and sticks I ordered. Yup I paid ebays insane prices to get them.

I prefer a 6 button face layout regardless of how good the pad is so I ordered pads and sticks for both consoles.

Foxgod no matter how much you practice with the 360 D pad IMHO I don't think I could ever have precision control with it and I have been playing the SF series since it released. I would estimate that I have put roughly 3 to 4000 hours into the game over the years. I practiced for roughly 20 hours with SFIV and some moves were a hit or miss on the 360 pad. I don't miss on the PS3 pad.

But in the end I will probably end up using the arcade stick for both. ;)
I had to restrain myself from not ordering the custom competition arcade stick directly from Japan for both consoles. If you haven't seen it and are a big SF fan you should look into it. High price tag though. BIG $$$$$!

Major_Tom3551d ago

It's really uncomfortable being forced to use the D-PAD on the 360 controller, and forcing yourself to use it because of no alternatives is even worse. Buy yourself a fighting stick or an actual fight pad.

Either way this is a game that deserves to be play with 3rd party peripherals like fighting sticks, although the D-PAD on the PS3 works flawlessly.

Foxgod3551d ago

Maybe you just didnt practise enough with the 360 pad, your using the ps3 pad too much.
Ive been playing street fighter for 20 years now, i put more then 10.000 hours in it.

But besides that, i think you need to get used to the 360 pad, since i dont have a ps3 i got used to it just fine, and i have no problems pulling off moves.
Not even that of Zangief which require 360 degrees spin on your dpad, and 720 degrees spin for his ultra.

tatotiburon3551d ago

you can mod you xbox 360 controller or buy a new like this modded controller and problem fixed...but how you fix the fact that the PS3 version is worst than the xbox 360 version? lack fo AA, worst loading times, bugs with the can you fix that?

no-spin3551d ago

over 20 years?
wow i thought you were a teenager by your comments


Le Idiotce3551d ago

Sorry little kid, you are just a noob in SF. Youre no pro so dont talk like as you are one lol.

You think the controls are fine but reality is they are DISGUSTINGLY HORRIBLE.
You probably lose every match you play or win by sheer luck cos your opponent has the same fking problem: cant control his character.

Meanwhile you think you so good but you are not. [email protected] blind fanboys trying to make it sound like how nothing is wrong with the controls. Talk about MASSIVE DENIAL.

Fact is, you have to buy yourself an arcade stick just to be able to play. Thats 100+60 for the game. Whereas PS3 owners only have to spend 60 bucks on the game and everything is flawless. My my, those hidden costs of 360 sure adds up quite nicely.

50 a year for LIVE, extra controller because the battery life are so short, 120 for the harddrive, costs for shipping and getting your 360 fixed, HDD player thats now worthless and now another extra controller cos its impossible to play it using the standard. My my indeed. And meanwhile you talk like as if you are the smart one? Hahaha one can only rofl at your ignorance, naivety and fanboyism.

So here we go: ROFL!

Major_Tom3551d ago

As far as I'm aware no AA was found at 300% zoom, unless you have eagle eyes you won't notice a difference.

And for the loading times, I installed it on my hard drive and it loads instantly.

IdleLeeSiuLung3551d ago

Why would I want to pay $35 for a plastic case and some lights, that require me to take apart my controller and then solder stuff when I can just buy a madcatz fight pad for $40? Assuming you can find them.

I tried SFIV on the 360 at my local Game Crazy and to my surprised worked better than the PS3 controller. The controller was really loose and good. The PS3 controller tears apart my thumb.

So for a moment there I'm thinking what the heck is wrong with my controller at home, since I couldn't even play HD Remix without messing up every other move I'm making. Even worse, just changing weapons in GeoW I would f'up all the time. The only answer I have to that is, the Game Crazy controller had been abused and the d-pad was really loose. I don't know think they did anything else to it.

So to those who had decent experience with the 360, perhaps that's the reason. Your controller is looser. In fact, I remember reading about a mod to shave of around the hole on the d-pad that should significantly improve the 360 d-pad.

To me the 360 d-pad is garbage and I don't know what kind of testing MS did, since how can they f'it up so much? I will have to do a aracade stick mod with a 360 controller.

edgeofblade3551d ago

This product is the real deal. I did this mod and the d-pad's responsiveness is what Microsoft should have launched with. Listen to the way the d-pad clicks when he uses it. It's a sharp response, the way it should be. It's my super pad now... and it lights up, too.

But, that said, I would prefer the PS3 version just because the d-pad doesn't need modification.

rockleex3551d ago

My friend was owning a lot of people on Xbox Live in SFTTHDR and SFIV.

But when he came to face me on the PS3, he didn't even stand a chance.

I think its because of the 360 d-pad. Its hit or miss, and he was able to win because of his experience in SF AND luck. On the PS3, my skills were able to overpower his skills with no strings attached.

Btw, he plays PS2/PS1 a lot so of course he's used to the Dualshock.

Anyways, the 360 controller is great, it just depends on whether you prefer Dualshock's build or 360's build. But you gotta admit, Microsoft failed with the 360 D-pad. -_-"

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el_bandito3551d ago

This is a proof on how "some" 360 users concede that their d-pads are not suited for fighting games.

SpoonyRedMage3551d ago

I don't really use the d-pad although Soul Calibur is the only fighting game I play really and I don't play Ivy or Voldo so it might be terrible especially with Street Fighter's moves.

kwicksandz3551d ago

Now getting people to admit that that the ps3s triggers and analogues dont work well for fps... thats harder to find. Convex triggers where a great idea! ... ooops slipped off again doh!

thereapersson3551d ago

If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Sircoynie3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

What the hell is Sodder? I'm an electronic engineer and i've always called it soldering..You know as in the way it is spelt...Also why do you have to take "THE SCREWS APART?" since when and how do you take Screws apart?

crck3551d ago

Funny how you make fun of their spelling and terminology but you use electronic engineer instead of electrical and there is no such word as spelt. What is that a fish?

thewhoopimen3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago ) 4.1 said... electronic engineer.... what do you deal with? resistants and capacitates? must be skillful soldering chocolate chips on throughpole boards or may sub-surface mount PCAs /sarcasm


caffman3551d ago

between electronic engineer and electrical engineer. Electronic engineers don't usually deal in anything above 24vdc, electrical engineers work at that and above. I should know as I am an electronic engineer (c&g 242 pt 1,2,3 electronic engineering with honours)

caffman3551d ago

and just a bit of a twat. Without the bit in there

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