$100 million GeoEye satellite used to map Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

GeoEye, a company involved with satellite and aerial imagery, pairs with Ubisoft in developing a new flight simulator. Actual photos taken of cities are implemented into the games graphics to further more douse the player with incredible lifelike sceneries.

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Dark General3549d ago

I'll be adding this game to my collection for sure. A little diversity never hurt no one. But i'll have to wait for the price to drop. Seeing as it's a flight game on a console i'm guessing it won't take too long.

thesithfreak3549d ago

just played the demo, its fun. i like flight games, its a shame that it wont sell well. not enough testosterone pouring off the screen for people. maybe if the jets could grow big manly arms and start grunting it would sell a million more

StephanieBBB3549d ago

Imo flying games suck without a joystick and thats the main reason to why im not picking it up.

PS3istheshit3549d ago

good idea but they will never make a profit
3 million copies more or less would be needed

thesithfreak3549d ago

i was kinda hoping the graphics on the ground would be more realistic. the buildings just dont seem proportioned right to the size of your jet i dont know.

qface643549d ago

i agree seriously to me it seemed like the jet must have been like 100x the size a skyscraper wasn't even as big as a jet