PSU: GioTeck RealTriggers Impressions and Giveaway

PSU: "How often have you been playing a PS3 game that involves you utilizing the "trigger" buttons excessively and find that your fingers repeatedly slip off? We're going to venture a guess that almost every PlayStation 3 user has gone through that experience. To combat Sony's unintuitive trigger design, GioTeck has created handy snap-on triggers that gamers can easily place on their L2 and R2 buttons in order to eliminate that pesky sliding occurence."

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jwatt3552d ago

I really love the triggers, I think that's how it should be. Plus when I put the controller down it doesn't zoom in on the internet or accidently shoot during a game. The only problem is that they aren't for every one. My brother and my friend don't' like the way it feels but I thought it felt a little wierd at first too. I think if you have that gut feeling that something is not right about the triggers than you should pick them up.

RealityCheck3551d ago

I agree. I used to have problems with games that required holding the R2\L2 button for extended periods of time (like racing games) but with those trigger add-ons it's never a problem anymore. After just a few gaming sessions you forget they are there. I would be hard pressed to have to go back to a controller without them.

XGRaViSmOrSX3551d ago

it was a bit weird at first but now i cant imagine using a ps3 controller w/o these triggers.

no more slipping off when my hands he sweaty plus the actual trigger lets me be a bit more precise when trying to apply fine adjustments.

sometimes i take them off to see what they feel like and i hate it.

thereapersson3551d ago

It's almost like they tacked the r2 and l2 buttons on at the last minute, to try to mimic the 360 controller's triggers. I'm not sure why they didn't just make them actual contoured triggers, instead of convex buttons, which is totally counter-intuitive to the way your thumbs sit on them.

RealityCheck3551d ago

It's probably a patent issue...

andron3551d ago

I prefer them the way they are. But I guess these add-ons are nice if you don't like them...

Cajun Chicken3551d ago

I can't stand these triggers, got them free with a PSM3 magazine once ages ago, guess I have small hands, because everyone else seem $to prefer them but I pretty much ripped the triggers off within half an hour of playing Resistance 1.