PC Mag: Dell Studio XPS 435 Review

PC Mag: "Dell seems open to trying out snazzier designs for its desktop PCs these days. The Dell Studio XPS 435 ($1,769 direct, $1,999 with 22-inch widescreen monitor) veers decidedly away from the black-and-silver boxes of the previous XPS and Inspiron models. Along with the fresh exterior, the 435 has a new Core i7-powered interior. The 435 combines its power at digital content creation and high-end computing with a sprinkling of 3D gaming prowess. If you're the type of user who was tempted by the Dell XPS 730x but was put off by the almost $4,000 price, you should look closely at the 435. Though the 730x and higher-end systems like it still have an appeal for the über gamer/tinkerer, the 435 will be able to fulfill most power users' needs for a lot less money."

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