Pocket Gamer: The not very secret six hardcore iPhone games

Pocket Gamer: "You can raise dogz, run chocolate shopz, race kartz and match, erm, threez until your thumbs are worn down to the knuckle, but sometimes the casual experience is just no match for gunning down something slimy or finally collecting that orc repellant armour you've quested so hard for.

Having claimed so much play time from gamers and late nights from developers, the iPhone is starting to stretch its legs in what is affectionately known as the hardcore space. We've already had Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes, Kroll and Hero of Sparta."

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Hobgoblin3546d ago

Hardcore gaming comes down to playability in the end - if developers can make games that glue people to the iPhone, and provide an intensive experience, there's no reason the iPhone shouldn't be able to cater to the hardcore gamer as much as any system. I think the titles listed in this article prove that.